The MCD Weight Loss Plan

The Healthy Way To Get Fit and Lose Weight Simple Diet, Hard Workouts! The MCD Weight Loss Plan is a unique but simple way to lose weight. It combines the best Muscle building workouts …

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Fitness And Weight Loss Advice For Women

Losing your tummyand getting a slim and well defined abdomen is a long-term goal for most people, so persevere and not give up. You can do it, and we are here to help. Regular exercise and a healthy diet really is the key to getting your great body back.

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Einstein writing on a chalk board

Einstein Explains that Weight Loss is not Rocket Science

The General Theory of Weight Loss, According to MotleyHealth. Weight Loss = healthy diet + 45 minutes of exercise daily. By weight I really mean mass of adipose tissue. I have talked about weight and fat previously but this is important ground to cover as so many people get confused about this. One image created as a bit of a joke can actually teach us a lot about being fit and healthy!

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What is the Best Exercise to Help Lose Weight?

There are many different ways to exercise. Many people sell the idea of a particular exercise program and just about every fitness enthusiast is sure that their chosen method of exercising is the best. So, how on earth do you decide what type of exercise to do? Who is telling the truth? Do you do long cardio sessions of running, swimming, cycling or rowing? Do you do interval training with alternating short sprints and slower recovery? Do you lift light weights many times or heavy weights few times? Whichever method you chose someone will tell you it is the best. Well, they are all wrong, because ….

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Child Health, Obesity and The Puppy Fat Myth

It is a common misconception that it is OK for children to be overweight as they will lose weight when they get older. In most cases children that are overweight or obese at the age of 5 will continue to be obese into adulthood. There is no such thing as “puppy fat” for children, only babies should carry some extra protective fat. As soon as children are walking and running they should be slim and fit. It is now estimated that around 25% of all under 5 year-olds are overweight and many of these will go in to develop serious weight related illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes.

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Do Men Really Care About Their Weight?

Studies show that although more men are starting to take their health more seriously most still do not care. The most striking observation is that in wealthier households men are becoming more likely to be obese even if their partners are fit and healthy. Why don’t men care about their weight? Are men living in denial or just lazy?

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Fit mom holding her baby and a dumbbell

Post Pregnancy Fat Loss Tips For Moms

Many women really do find it much harder to lose weight after having children. However, with a good diet and fitness plan it is not really any harder than it is for anyone else. The hardest thing is really understanding that your lifestyle needs to change, and that this means more exercise and a healthier diet. With some intensive home based workouts and a good diet plan weight loss is possible.

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Dr Oz Show on the television

Dr. Oz Show – Can You Think Yourself Skinny?

There was an interesting discussion on the Dr. Oz show where a psychologist put forward the idea that you can literally “think yourself thin”. The idea is that we eat when our brains decide it is time but we stop only when our stomachs tell us so. The key to weight loss is to take control of our thoughts.

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More People Seek Gastric Band Surgery To Lose Weight

More people are failing to lose weight with diet and exercise programs and instead opting to go under the knife. Gastric band operations are becoming more common. However, are people sufficiently aware of the risks involved? Also the are reports that many people are find ways to continue to over-eat even after gastric band surgery.

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