Jennifer Nicole Lee – Mom Turned Fitness Model

Jennifer Nicole Lee Before and After photos

It is not often we share weight loss before and after photos here, but the amazing transformation of Jennifer Nicole Lee is certainly worth sharing.

Before she started working out and dieting Jennifer Nicole Lee was very overweight, weighing over 200 pounds. She gained all the weight after the birth of her baby boy.

She taught herself how to exercise properly and how to eat healthily to lose weight. This photo shows how she looked before she started her workout program and how she looked afterwards (it is of course possible that there is a little extra work done with Photoshop here, but overall, the result is amazing).

You can see that she gained a lot of tummy fat after the birth of her son. Many women think that it is not possible to tighten their stomach once they are a mom, but this is simply not true. As you can see below, her transformation is truly amazing.

Jennifer Nicole Lee went on to compete in fitness model competitions and won. As a result she developed the Fitness Model Program which is designed to teach you how you can get in great shape too.

How Did She Do It?

Jennifer became very determined to get fit. She explained to FNC iMag in 2012:

” I was sick and tired of being fat and out of shape with little to no energy. Being a new mom really hit me hard; I wanted to be the best mom and wife I could be. I made a commitment to learn everything possible about how super fitness models and serious athletes ate and trained.”

Jennifer studied for over 6 years at University to learn about health, wellness, sports science and nutrition. She has since spent 5 years working as a personal trainer helping others to lose weight in get fit. During this time she won Ms. Bikini America and Ms. Bikini Universe.

Now she teaches how you too can lose weight and get fit and toned with her Fitness Model Program.

Key Fitness Methods

The key method to training for fitness, toning and weight loss is as follows, according to Jennifer Nicole Lee:

  • Perform six circuits of three sets of 30-second strength moves, followed directly by 30-seconds of a body weighted cardio blast.

Strong is The New Skinny

Her trademark phrase is “Strong is The New Skinny” and by this she is referring not only the muscular strength, but also mental strength and emotional strength.

Staying focused and being persistent, determined and never giving up on your dream is vital if you want to get really fit. The same rules apply to athletes and professional sport players as they do to moms, dads and anyone else for that matter!

Strength training is the only way to really tone up though. Building athletic muscle makes all other fitness easier too. In fact, everything becomes easier if you build some muscle – do the shopping, carrying children, gardening, pushing a pram a long distance – you name it, all physical activity is made easier when you are stronger.

The Biggest Loser?

There are rumors that Jennifer Lee will be a weight loss and fitness coach on the next series of The Biggest Loser. More soon!

Really anyone that is still reasonably fit and healthy can get results like this. Losing weight and getting fit is as much about mental effort and iron willpower, as it is about physical exertion and sweat. You have to really want to make the change and then set up the perfect environment to make that change happen.

Everyone has obstacles, it does not matter whether you are a top level athlete or a busy working mom, everyone can find excuses to prevent them from exercising for a day, or come up with a reason why that comfort food is needed today.

The key is to just keep working at making yourself a better person – for this is why we all do it. We get in shape, lose fat and tone up to make ourselves better people. To be healthier, fitter and happier. So remember that always.

8 Comments on “Jennifer Nicole Lee – Mom Turned Fitness Model”

  1. I am 23 years ols and i have a big tummy and hips and the upper parts of the legs are too fat.Please be kind enough to let me know what diet and what exercises i should follow

  2. Marie, you need to really focus on 3 things:

    1. Eat fewer calories each day.
    2. Eat healthier foods, low GI, lots of nutritious vegetables and lean proteins.
    3. Perform regular intensive exercises.

    Take a look at our MCD Weight Loss Plan. This provides a great place to start.

  3. yea and I am sure their was plastic surgery involved, especially with her firmed up breasts (notice how in the before they were saggy and lacking volume …body sculpting , and a few snips here and their with exercise went a long way i bet )

  4. she might have had implants put in, but not for sure! I had super flat saggy breasts after my baby. After lots of chest work outs– push ups weights ect they are completely differet! i’ve been asked by a couple friends if i had a boob job! nope just some exercise! its amazing what muscle does to your body. when i don’t work out it looks like i have saggier skin on my stomach too, but when i do my work out regularly it just goes away or looks firmer anyways. so you don’t have to have surgery to get a better body!

  5. well if it is possible without surgery, that gives alot of hope to alot of people, thanks jenka for the heads up. on your success story.

  6. In reply to the doubters up there, I am a mother of two and if you do it right and quit being lazy and making excuses, its 100% possible to look like that. Im also a personal trainer and Ive never used supplements, steroids or plastic surgery. Normally the negative replies to these kinds of transformations are from people too lazy or too full of excuses to do anything about it. :) I work with those types allllll the time.

  7. Thanks Leah. My wife is also a mother who got back in great shape. Another famous mother of two is Gwyneth Paltrow who famously said “It’s not luck, it’s not good genes. It’s killing myself for an hour and a half five days a week

    The hardest thing really is breaking bad habits and staying motivated – the actual process of losing weight is easy – just eat smaller portions of healthy food and exercise!

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