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Is It Really Important To Lose Weight?

With 2020 fast approaching, many people will be making resolutions, with losing weight among the most popular choices. There’s no doubt that dropping pounds is a subject of great interest, but is it really important to lose weight, and what are the best ways to get in shape and improve your health at the same time?

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How to Boost Your Body into Ketosis

Ketosis is a metabolic process in which the body uses fatty acids as its primary source of fuel. During ketosis, fat is converted into ketones, which are then metabolized to produce energy for your body. Over the years, ketosis has become a popular phenomenon in the world of nutrition and used as a way to manage weight loss.

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High-Intensity Resistance Training Reduces Body Fat Fastest

A look at how high intensity training and resistant training affect fat loss. Weight training has for a long time been shown to help reduce body fat, and many people believe that it is attributable to an increase in metabolism, which helps to reduce body fat further – however this research reveals that it can only prevent metabolic rate declining, and not actually increase it.

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Which Diet Plan Is Best?

We look at the best and most popular diet plans to aid your weight loss efforts. Learn about the 5:2 diet, 16 – 8 hour diet, Dukan diet, Paleo diet, Atkins, Alkaline diet, Low GI Diet, Cambridge diet and more!

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