The Health Benefits of Losing Weight

overweight peopleWhy lose weight? For many people losing weight is purely about looking good.

What is usually reported in the news are the health problems associated with being overweight or obese. It may seem obvious why we should lose weight but many people still do not realise that being overweight really is unhealthy in many ways.

This article explains the main health problems associated with being overweight and how losing weight improves your health.

While advancements are being made in all areas of medical science we are still facing an ever-growing healthy crisis – the obesity epidemic.

The latest figures suggested that 1 in 4 adults are now obese and it is predicted that by 2030 half of all adults will be obese. The increase in cases of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, strokes and other health problems is likely to cost the USA around $48-66 billion a year and the UK £1.9-2 billion a year alone.

It is no surprise that governments are keen to tackle the obesity problem. However, you really should not wait for governments to intervene because obesity will very likely seriously affect your own life very soon.

We first commented on overweightedness as a health problem in our article Start Losing Weight Today With Our Diet and Exercise Advice. We introduced that guide by explaining that central obesity is bad for you.

What is central obesity?

Central obesity refers to visceral fat which is just one type of weight issue. Visceral fat is the fat which only accumulates in the central region of the body, namely and the stomach around the internal organs.

Often it is referred to as middle-age spread, a spare tyre or muffin top. These terms do not do it justice really, it is much more dangerous to health than these friendly terms suggest.

Visceral fat

Visceral fat is the worse type of fat in terms of health, however other types and locations of fat provide indicators of poor health, such as excessive fat on the neck.

Some reports have indicated that excessive fat in other parts of the body, such as on the thighs, is not always bad for health. It is natural for women to accumulate extra subcutaneous fat on their thighs, buttocks and hips.

Although this is not too unhealthy it can often mask additional visceral fat in the abdominal region.

Being Overweight Reduces Quality of Life

In 2004 being overweight and physically inactive was ranked the 3rd disease risk factor that leads to a reduction in the quality of life and its contribution to global disease.

Being overweight contributes to 7.14 million deaths each year and on average overweight people live 4.4 years less and have a reduced quality of life due to reduced mobility and ill-health during this time (Rodgers et al, 2004).

Heart Disease

The biggest cause of death in the western world is still heart disease and one of the major causes of heart disease is a combination of poor diet and lack of exercise.

Over time a diet high in saturated fat damages the arteries which leads to heart disease. Also, diets high in salt contribute to increased risk resulting from prolonged high blood pressure.

Heart disease is a big problem because many other factors increase risk such as smoking, heavy drinking and stress.

Although a lot of work has been done in recent decades to improve awareness of the risks of these activities obesity continues to rise due to the increasing dominance of the “obesogenic environment” in which many of us now live.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes (T2) is the fastest growing disease in the western world. 65% of people who develop T2 diabetes develop will develop fatal heart disease as a result.

Women seem to lose all of their natural ability to combat heart disease once they develop T2 diabetes too (Grundy et al, 1999).

Also, research has shown that obese women (BMI over 30) are 90 times more likely to develop T2 diabetes than women of a healthy weight (Anderson el al, 2003).

In addition to increase risk of heart disease you are 20 times more likely to lose your sight, at increased risk of stroke (for every 3 people who have a stroke 1 will die and another will be paralysed), increase risk of developing kidney disease as well as other neural problems (diabetic neuropathy) such as sensory loss and impotence.


It is thought that many forms of cancer are caused by a combination of poor diet, obesity and lack of exercise.

Research carried out by Prof. Rosalie David in 2010 found that there are very few examples of cancer developing in mummified remains in Egypt even though ancient Egyptians tended to live longer than average lives.

The conclusion was the most forms of cancer are triggered by lifestyle factors such as diet and weight. Read our report Are You Protecting Yourself Against Cancer? for more information on this study.

Increased Quality of Life

Even if you are lucky to escape the serious health problems associated with being overweight or obese you may still suffer from reduced mobility later in life. As we grow older it is natural for our bodies to grow weaker.

If your muscle mass wanes and fat accumulates it becomes harder to be active and this can quickly reduce your quality of life.

Many obese people cope well for years and then one small fall or twisted ankle makes them practically disabled as they find it very hard to ever recover from the injuries. It really is a sad state of affairs where people are literally eating their way to a life of misery and an early grave.

Unlike other major causes of preventable death and disability, such as tobacco use, injuries, and infectious diseases, there are no exemplar populations in which the obesity epidemic has been reversed by public health measures.” Swinburn et al, 2011.

This really drives home the problem that we are all facing as a society and as individuals – at the moment there is no magic cure for obesity. There are no drugs that can be taken to safely wean people off food or treatments to help people to burn off excessive fat.

The only long-term, sustainable and healthy solution is to exercise more and eat a healthy diet. You literally have to take your life into your own hands. The advantages and health benefits of losing weight far outweigh any cost in terms of time and money that is required to get yourself in shape.

The single most important health benefit of losing weight is getting your life back again and keeping it.

Mental and Physical Health Affected by Weight Problems

Being overweight or obese results in more than just physical discomfort. There is now clear evidence that being overweight causes many serious health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems as well as mental health problems.

In fact, few people consider the mental health problems associated with weight issues. Many people become depressed and see their self-esteem plummet after putting on weight.

Depression can easily send a person into a downward spiral where they find themselves in a typical Catch 22 situation – overweight because they are depressed with their life, and depressed because they are too overweight to do anything.

Although many people do not talk about these issues, it is now thought that depression is quite common amongst people that have been suffering from weight problems for many years.

Losing weight is really more a battle of the mind than a physical challenge. The theory of weight loss is actually strikingly simple – eat less food than your body needs. However, implementing that theory and actually sticking to it for the long term are the real challenges.

This is where weight loss communities, both online such as MotleyHealth, and offline communities such as weight loss support groups, can really help. Also, getting support from friends and family is very important when you are trying to lose weight.

We actually raised this in our weight loss action plan. Also research has shown in the past that exercising and dieting with a friend is actually very effective at helping you to stay on track.

One very important tip for anyone that wants to lose weight and get back in shape – exercise releases endorphins, the feel good gene.

This directly combats depression. People who exercise often are actually less likely to suffer from depression. So one way to reverse many years of inactivity and weight gain is to force yourself back into exercise and fitness.

Now is a good time to start exercising. What are you waiting for?


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7 Comments on “The Health Benefits of Losing Weight”

  1. Sarah Condit says:

    Most people think they can just starve themselves to lose weight but you can’t do that because your body will go into something called starvation mode. What happens is your body will slowly eat itself.

  2. Troy Blackburn says:

    That’s interesting that if muscles mass decreases and fat accumulates, it’s harder to be active and quality of life could be reduced. I’ve heard that fit people tend to feel like they have a sense of belonging more than obese people. Is that true? I’ve got a family member struggling with obesity, and I’ll have to share these benefits with them to encourage them!

  3. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Troy, I have not read about the sense of belonging theory, will have to do some research. Good luck with your struggles, just keep working hard to help people.

  4. Jane Ambrose says:

    The other day my father-in-law was telling me about his lack of motivation to lose any weight, so I thought I would do some research for him on why it is a really good idea. I had no idea that the biggest cause of death in the western world is heart disease. In my opinion, doing everything you can to make sure you don’t get heart disease is the best way to treat it. I’ll be sure to share this information with him.

  5. Kylie Dotts says:

    It makes sense that depression could affect a person because of their weight. I had never thought that a weight loss center could actually benefit your mental health as well as your physical health. Having a body you are comfortable with would be important to having a good opinion of yourself which would help you feel better about who you are as well.

  6. Shenika Keis says:

    I really found your post is so useful for me. Being obese and over weight is really a big problem. I am at the age of 34 and now in the overweight condition. I am so worried about my health because at this age I am have been suffering from thyroid. I have now realized that I need to ware of these things. Your knowledge and your advises are helpful for me. Thanks.

  7. It’s nice that you pointed out how the single most important health benefit of losing weight is getting your life back again and keeping it. My older sister is currently overweight and it seems she is now making an effort to lose weight. I heard there are effective fat loss programs now, so maybe she should try one of them.

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