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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To help people become fitter, healthier and happier.

There are two ways to combat the global obesity crisis:

  1. Radical government intervention in the food and drink industry
  2. Education

It is unlikely that governments will do what is needed to change the ways of the food industry as this will lead to economic disaster. So it is down to the people to educate each other on healthy eating and exercise.

Our Philosophy

MotleyHealth likes to take a more relaxed approach to personal health and fitness. We take the meaning of Motley as that of a “varied mixture” which represents the diverse information on health and fitness on this site, and also the diverse range of people that read and contribute to the site. We believe that health and fitness needs to be brought down to earth a little.

However, even though we prefer to take a more casual approach to fitness and weight loss we ensure that the information we provide is backed by scientific research and references to research materials are provided whenever relevant.

You Are Unique

Everyone is unique, and we should all strive to do whatever we can to improve our health and fitness. Eat some fruit, climb a mountain. That will work just as well as a fad diet and an hour a day in an aqua-Pilates class.

We believe in embracing diversity, learning from different people, and taking all the best parts from every school of thought to ensure that we achieve our health and fitness goals.

Healthy weight loss is not complicated. Simple conditioning and endurance exercises, fat burning cardio workouts and bodybuilding training will get most people in good physical shape and also aid weight loss when a healthy diet is added.

Fitness and weight loss should always be free, it is human nature to be fit and strong. Your home is your health club, and we are your gym buddy and training coach!

Weight Loss Is About You

MotleyHealth is intended as a source of information for the general public looking to lose weight and get fit.

What we are trying to make clear, is that you do what works for you, what you enjoy, what comes easy, and whatever is accessible to get you fit and healthy. Being fit and healthy need not cost you a penny (or any other unit of currency).

Do not eat unhealthy food (unhealthy food is often more expensive, contrary to popular belief. Take a look at the price of onions and carrots for example, and compare that to burgers, chips and fizzy drinks).

Do some exercise. Anything. Got arms? Do press ups. Got legs? Walk. Got strong legs? Run. It is that simple. No excuses, not for anyone. This it the Motley Health Way!

The People Behind MotleyHealth

Jon Wade

MotleyHealth was founded by Jon Wade in 2006 who is the editor and principal author. He has studied Health Sciences with the Open University and has spent many years training in martial arts. See his bio page for more information.

Marcia Wade

Co-founder Marcia Wade BA. is the yoga expert, with over 10 years experience in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, having studied in Brazil and England. She also runs the Portuguese language section of the site and acts as assistant editor. Marcia also holds a Business degree.


We generate our revenue through advertising partnerships similar to that of a traditional magazine. Learn more about advertising with MotleyHealth.

Our Main Topics

MotleyHealth is essentially a guide to using an assortment of methods and advice to help lose weight and get fit. Whether it is “old school”, ancient Eastern philosophy, Celebrity fitness workouts, fad diets or even 1980’s aerobics, it really does not matter how you get into shape. The important thing is to have the information to empower yourself to take action.

Meaning of Motley:

1. Exhibiting great diversity of elements; heterogeneous: a motley crowd. Take a look at any gym class, or road race, or athletic event. Participants are as varied as anywhere!
2. Being of different colors combined. Take a look at healthy eating advice – more colors, more health!
3. Wearing a parti-colored garment: a motley fool. Take a look at your gym clothes. You may even have reflective clothing for road running at night. You fool!
4. A heterogeneous assemblage. We are certainly all different here!

Funding For MotleyHealth

MotleyHealth.com is a private company and receives no funding. All business revenues are raised through advertising and the sale of our ebooks.

MotleyHealth® is a registered trademark under the Intellectual Property Office, UK and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

MotleyHealth In The Press

In the last few years we have been mentioned in The Mirror, the BBC, Huffington Post, TheGuardian, The Sun, The Metro, Elle Magazine and Men’s Fitness.

The Mirror Article

A sure sign that like many of our readers, MotleyHealth is going from strength to strength – we got a mention in a national newspaper.

It was actually a couple of weeks ago now that we were mentioned in the Mirror, a popular British daily newspaper. The article that featured us was talking about inexpensive ways to get fit – “Shed pounds from your waist – NOT your wallet“.

The article even featured celebrity fitness expert Davina McCall, who is the host of the British Biggers Loser and has made some good fitness DVD’s.

The article that they refer to is this one: 20 Minute Home Workout. This is a workout that can be done at home or in the park with friends and is designed to get you fit and toned.

The article also mentioned PayAsUGym which we wrote about here: Pay As U Go Gym – New Way To Workout Without A Contract.

The Mirror has a daily circulation of around 1.2 million copies. It is over 100 years old, being founded in 1903 by Alfred Harmsworth. It was launched as a newspaper for women, by women.

“I intend it to be really a mirror of feminine life as well on its grave as on its lighter sides….to be entertaining without being frivolous, and serious without being dull.” Alfred Harmsworth

A sign that people are really starting to discover the power of Motley Health.

2 Comments on “About Motley Health”

  1. LUANN YODER says:

    Would you be able to tell me (if and where) in the area I live (in Indiana) I could find the military training? I live in Goshen IN, zip 46526

    This site is EVERYTHING I would like to incorporate into my life!

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    I can certainly try to help … let me search …. How about Cross Fit Michiana
    – they should provide a very similar sort of fitness training.

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