Circuit Training Workouts – The Best Home Exercises

Circuit training is one of the best home fitness routines that you can do to get fast results at little cost. The exercises can all be done with no equipment. Some exercises need a partner, but this routine has 12 exercises that you can do at home, in the park or at the gym. Old school and very effective.

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downward dog yoga pose by women

The Sun Salutation Vinyasa Yoga Sequence (Surya Namaskar)

The Sun Salutation A is a vinyasa that combines a series of yoga postures performed in a single flow of movements in harmony with the breathing. The Sun Salutation B includes the warrior pose. The warrior pose is optional and you can choose to do the Sun Salutation without it if you prefer a shorter version.

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Old School Fitness and Strength Training

Circuit training is one of the best ways to gain all round fitness and strength. Intensive circuit training can be done inside sports halls as well as in the park. Each exercise is performed at a station. There are usually no or few weights involved.

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Push ups are a great bodyweight exercise

Push Ups / Press Ups – Bodyweight Strength Workouts

Push ups (a.k.a. press ups) are one of the core bodyweight exercises. They are often overlooked by people looking to improve strength and conditioning, even though they are the staple exercise in the military and martial arts school. Push ups can strengthen the back, shoulders, triceps and forearms. Push ups are common in both traditional Eastern exercises as well as Western fitness routines.

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