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Can I exercise with a broken leg?

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Question Got question, don’t know if this is right spot but here it goes. I broke my leg 2 months ago, no weight bearing at all and I’ve noticed I’m gaining weight and losing my butt. Thank goodness got boobies…

Should I Walk or Jog To Lose Weight?

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Question Is walking as effective for weight loss and helping with overall general health as running? Vandejc. Answer In a way, yes it is. The benefit of running over walking is simply that you work at a higher intensity, so…

What Are Best Sports For Long Life?

Health scientists have found that the type of sport you do has an impact on your life expectancy. Recent research published in the British Medical Journal looked at the life expectancy of Olympic athletes. It was found that on average…

MetCon – The Way To Get Fitter Faster

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Metabolic Conditioning (often shortened to MetCon) is actually very simple. It refers to physical exercise that increases your body’s ability to transport oxygen from the lungs to your cells and then use this to generate the energy needed to move your muscles.

What is the Best Exercise to Help Lose Weight?

There are many different ways to exercise. Many people sell the idea of a particular exercise program and just about every fitness enthusiast is sure that their chosen method of exercising is the best. So, how on earth do you decide what type of exercise to do? Who is telling the truth? Do you do long cardio sessions of running, swimming, cycling or rowing? Do you do interval training with alternating short sprints and slower recovery? Do you lift light weights many times or heavy weights few times? Whichever method you chose someone will tell you it is the best. Well, they are all wrong, because ….

Increase Muscle and Fitness to Fight Diabetes

Several studies have shown that both increasing muscle mass and regular intensive cardiovascular exercise helps to prevent the onset of Type 2 Diabetes. Increasing muscle mass helps to increase insulin sensitivity. Studies have found that this is more effective than…

Heart Rate Zone Monitors Under The Microscope

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Two years ago we wrote about heart rate monitors in our article Fat Burning or Time Wasting Zone? It seems that others are now starting to realize that watching the heart rate can actually hold you back in fitness and weight loss. The…

Outdoor Exercise, Green Gyms and Natural Living

Exercising outdoors has both mental and physical health benefits. Studies have shown that fresh and and exercise helps with stress and depression as well as providing an often enhanced workout. Kids who play outdoors are healthier too. Walking, jogging and cycling are the most popular outdoor fitness activities. So get outside and get fit.

Exercise Time Management – You Do Have Time For Fitness

One of the most common excuses people give for not exercising is a lack of time. Well, with our fast and intensive workout you can start getting fit by spending just 1% of your day exercising. Surely you can spare 1% of your day? In 15 minutes you can work your whole body, tone muscles, burn fat and make your heart stronger.

Fat Burning or Time Wasting Zone?

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Many heart rate monitors, especially those incorporated into fitness equipment such as treadmills, cross trainers and bicycles, have a fat burning zone. The idea is that if you workout in your ‘fat burning zone’ you will burn more fat than…