Running is possibly the simplest and most common form of exercise. Here we provide some advice on getting started, improving running and some interesting articles about running and runners. In our main article on the benefits of running we also discuss Christopher McDougall’s belief that humans are “born to run”.

Tyson Gay’s Training and Diet

Tyson follows a standard sprinter training schedule. Off season he concentrates on weight training to build muscle and functional strength. Free weights and plyometrics play a large role in this. Weight training will be split into two sessions, upper and lower body.

Should I Walk or Jog To Lose Weight?

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Question Is walking as effective for weight loss and helping with overall general health as running? Vandejc. Answer In a way, yes it is. The benefit of running over walking is simply that you work at a higher intensity, so…

Web Tools To Plan And Track Your Cycling or Running

Whether you are trying to get fit, lose weight, or both, there are now many tools to help you. Here we share some useful web-based tools that help you to plan walking, running or cycling routes. They are all free to use, and all have some special benefits and features. If there is one tool that does it all, then tell us and we shall feature this also.

Principles of Running Faster

We have already discussed how running is great for general health and fitness so now we shall look at some ways to start to improve your running. Improving your running requires more than just simply putting extra miles in. If…