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woman doing leg presses in a gym

The Truth Behind CBD and Exercise

Many people are incorporating CBD into their pre- and post-workouts and combining it with exercise. To help you understand more and separate fact from fiction, here is the truth behind CBD and exercise. 

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Make Exercise Interesting with These Tips and Tricks

Working out. You either love it, or you hate it. However, no matter what your opinion is, it’s still vital for our health and wellbeing. By exercising regularly, we can manage our weight, strengthen muscles, improve immune function, and lower our blood pressure. And that’s not even half of it!

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Anatoly Pisarenko

The Pro Secrets To Off-season Training For Weightlifters And Strength Athletes

No training program can last forever and after the next stage of preparation, which may be 2-3 months, the athlete performs in competitions. No matter if he has achieved the planned result or not, the off season begins. This training period is not secondary, as many novice athletes think. Its value is large enough, let’s see why exactly.

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healthy muscle diet

What You Should Eat When You Want To Bulk Up

If it’s packing on muscle mass that you want to achieve, you have to be very careful with what you eat. Rather than consuming everything in sight, focus on quality foods. Unhealthy food intake when trying to bulk up may only be detrimental not only to your long-term bulking up goal, but also to your overall health.

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Laura Trott

Laura Trott – Olympic Cycling Legend With Quirky Diet!

Laura Trott says that she hates fruit – she cannot stand the texture. She says that strawberries need a wax – they are too hairy!

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man on beach with good hair

Look Younger With a Hair Transplant Vacation

A vacation is a great way to rejuvenate yourself, and if you go on regular fitness and wellness breaks you can literally add years to your life. However, although physical, mental and spiritual wellness is vital to living a long and happy life, for many people looking good is important too.

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Starting Weight Training With Our Beginner Workout

Start weight training today to get stronger, feel healthier and look fantastic! Our beginners strength guide will get you started the right way.