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Top 5 Things Your Gym Should Have When Opening Post-Covid

Gyms were among the heavily affected since they are hotspots of social gathering, which violates many Covid-19 safety protocols. As a result, gym-goers had to improvise and settle for a safe and available home quarantine workout.

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Dehydrated woman outside leaning against a tree

The Dangers Of Dehydration

You don’t need any convincing about water’s importance for proper body functioning. But, you may need to be warned about the dangers of being chronically and severely dehydrated. Here’s a rundown of the dangers of dehydration:

Weight Loss Advice

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7 Ways to Lose Weight (And Keep It Off) Without Starving Yourself

What is it about trying to lose weight that has us all digging our feet into the ground? Maybe it is because we are fed these “lose weight quick” schemes without being shown how to lose the weight and keep the weight off.

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Laura Trott

Laura Trott – Olympic Cycling Legend With Quirky Diet!

Laura Trott says that she hates fruit – she cannot stand the texture. She says that strawberries need a wax – they are too hairy!

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Starting Weight Training With Our Beginner Workout

Start weight training today to get stronger, feel healthier and look fantastic! Our beginners strength guide will get you started the right way.