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Getting Back in the Game: A Guide to Sports Rehab with Physical Therapy

In addition to helping athletes recover from injuries, sports rehab can also help prevent future injuries. Through education and training, physical therapists can teach athletes proper techniques for their sport and help them identify areas where they may be at risk for injury. By addressing these issues early on, athletes can reduce their risk of getting injured again.

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Is the 12-3-30 Treadmill Workout The Easiest Way To Lose Weight?

New ways to burn fat and get fit seem to come round every year, and the latest “trend” is really no different from any of the others. The 12-3-30 Treadmill Workout has been talked about on social, with TikTokers and Instagrammers sharing their amazing results the world over. So, what is it, and does it work?

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7 Healthy Late-Night Snacks That Won’t Disrupt Your Sleep

This article will explore delicious and nutritious snacks perfect for those late-night cravings. From savory to sweet, we’ve got you covered with options that are easy to prepare, satisfying and won’t leave you feeling guilty.

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How to Lose Weight When It’s Hard to Lose Weight

Sometimes, it can be hard to lose weight, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With the right strategies, you’ll reach your goal weight soon enough.

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Prenatal Yoga Workout Session 2

Start the Prenatal Yoga Session 2 1. Prenatal Yoga Supine Pelvic Breath 2. Prenatal Yoga Staff Posture 3. Prenatal Yoga Two-Angled Posture 4. Prenatal Yoga Angled Flank Stretch Posture 5. …

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Saquon Barkley, Pete Alonso, Kevin Durant

The Workouts Of Top New York Sports Athletes: Saquon Barkley, Pete Alonso, Kevin Durant

If you aspire to be a great sportsperson you need to follow what the top performers are doing, both on the pitch and off it. Training, nutrition and preparation are the foundation of every successful athlete and sportsperson, so getting that right is a must. Let’s look at what a few of today’s top athletes are doing right now.

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Usain Bolt at the Anniversary Games in London 2013

Usain Bolt’s Workouts and Diet

Bolt uses a combination of plyometric training and weight training to build functional strength. We share his power training sessions plus some insights in to his diet.

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Our Top 30 Weight Loss Tips

Like any successful project you need to be organized and prepared to ensure that the program succeeds and you fulfil your weight loss and fitness goals. So here we provide …