Strength Training

Strength training is a vital part of fitness. Building muscle is vital for improving athletic performance. It also boosts metabolism which means you burn calories quicker. Weight training routines and bodyweight workouts are provided.

A Quick Guide To Muscle Building

weight training squat exercise
If you are keen on trying to build more muscle, and to do so as fast as comfortably possible, there are a number of angles you might want to approach it from to make that happen. Learn about muscle nutrition.

5 Ways to Work your Forearms

Popeye and his spinach
Forearms are the most utilized parts of the upper body when working out. The following are exercises which are crucial in these areas of the body and are easy to perform as well.

High-Intensity Resistance Training Reduces Body Fat Fastest

A look at how high intensity training and resistant training affect fat loss. Weight training has for a long time been shown to help reduce body fat, and many people believe that it is attributable to an increase in metabolism, which helps to reduce body fat further – however this research reveals that it can only prevent metabolic rate declining, and not actually increase it.

Bicep Curls

Man performing a Preacher Curl.
Biceps are possibly the easiest muscle to build and they are rarely concealed under a layer of subcutaneous fat either. Big biceps can be both functional and aesthetic. So, how is it done? What is the best way to beef…

Overtraining Problems when Weight Training

Less is more. Man doing seated bicep curls
Overtraining is generally regarded as one of the biggest and most common problems bodybuilders and athletes face. Overtraining can affect anyone that performs a lot of intensive exercise on a regular basis. However, do not confuse overtraining problems with being…

Dumbbell Exercises and Workout

Dumbbell workout
For many people lifting a pair of dumbbells forms their first weight lifting experience. Dumbbells are very simple and yet extremely effective. You can perform just about any weight lifting exercise with a dumbbell, or a pair of dumbbells and…

The Squat – Build Strength, Endurance and Power

The squat is possibly the most important exercise for building strength, power and muscle. Whether you perform bodyweight squats to develop improved endurance, jumping squats for more power, or weighted barbell squats for strength, they all provide you with a…

Strength and Conditioning at Degree Level

Strength and Conditioning at Degree Level
Mike Brooks previously shared his experiences here in training and competing for full contact kickboxing competitions. Mike has now decided to further his education and in October 2011 he started studying Strength and Conditioning Science at St. Mary’s University in…

How to Bench Press – Chest Exercises

The bench press is the most important chest exercise. If you want to build bigger and stronger pecs then you need to learn how to bench press properly. Here we provide instruction on barbell and dumbbell bench press techniques plus a video tutorial on correct form.

Kettlebell Training for Fitness and Strength

Exercising with kettlebells can be very intensive. Kettlebell workouts provide dynamic fat burning workouts that will help to build strong and athletic muscle. Ideal for women as they target the hips, thighs and butt. Progress from basic swings to power cleans and the Turkish Get Up for a fantastic workout experience.

Barbell and Kettlebell Workout Plan

Lose weight with kettlebells
Weight training is the best way to build bigger muscles. Kettlebell training is one of the best ways to build powerful, athletic muscle and burn fat at the same time. So if you are looking to get fitter, stronger and more powerful, then a combination of the two could be for you. Try our weight training and kettlebell plan.