Should I reduce calories to 1200 a day?

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Hi I am 43 YO male 175 cm tall and currently weigh 92 kg, my job is very sedate sitting behind a desk all day.

I am looking at trying to drop approx 1 kg a week, and am hoping to start exercising 3-4 times a week running, working my way up to approx a 5 km run that’s about 500 calories a run.

Question: should I stick to the 1200 calories per day ( for the weight loss) and do the exercise above or increase my calories slightly due to the exercising I will be doing.




Hi Stuart, that sounds like a plan. The key to weight loss is to have a calorie deficit. Maintaining 1200 Calories per day will be hard, but if you plan well and are strict you can do it.

The main downside is that as you do more exercise you will feel hungrier. Running in the evening may be the best solution, this will help ward off hunger and make the evenings pass quicker.

Just try it and see really. If you are feeling too weak, sick, dizzy, tired or catching colds etc. then you may need a little more nutrition. Make sure what you do eat is healthy – plenty of vegetables. Hearty soups are great.

Also have a banana snack before running, this will give you a boost to ensure that your workout is good. Also get enough protein, eggs are good. Too little and muscle wastage is far more likely.

Some people would say that 1200 Calories a day is too little, but if it works for you and your main goal is fat loss, rather than fitness gains, then go for it. Listen to your body and monitor your weight. For more ideas on how to lose weight, read our guide, Start Losing Weight Today.

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