About the founder, editor and principal author of MotleyHealth.com

Jon Wade, Founder of MotleyHealth
Jon Wade, Founder of MotleyHealth

Jon Wade Cert Health Sci (Open) is the founder, editor and principal author of MotleyHealth.com and the Low GI Diet Plan.

Jon holds a Certificate in Health Sciences from the Open University. Focus areas during study were weight issues and human nutrition. Specialist subject areas covered:

  • Challenging Obesity – a study and analysis of the causes and cures of obesity
  • Human Nutrition – understanding food and how it affects us physically and mentally
  • Diabetes Care – a study of the techniques, methods and theory of caring for people with diabetes, including nutritional care and insulin management.
  • COPD – Including the function of the lungs and cardiovascular system and how oxygen is transported to the cells of the body.
  • Pain – Understanding of pain control, tolerance and treatment.
  • Trauma, Repair, Recovery – How the body responds to injury and damage, include muscle regeneration and bone and tendon repair.

Additional subjects covered included Alcohol and Human Health, Breast Cancer, Visual Impairment and aspects of Epidemiology. He also holds a Geography BSc with honours, graduated in 1997 from Coventry University.

Jon’s interest in fitness and health started in 1992 when he started training in martial arts for fitness and fun. Since then he has studied over 20 different disciplines as part of his training, including:

  • Shaolin 5 Pattern Kung-fu with the Master Ang-Kee Kong schools in Lancashire
  • Chow Gar Southern Mantis with Sifu Tony Willis in Basildon
  • Jitsu and Ninjitsu while studying at Coventry University
  • Tai Chi – various styles studied, including Yang short form from the Yang Me Lee line and Lee Family Tai Chi in Coventry
  • Wushu – semi-contact competition style in Coventry
  • Kickboxing – full contact and K1 kickboxing styles as taught by Tony Willis at 5 Elements Martial Arts in Basildon.
  • Wing Chun – traditional Chinese close-in fighting system
Jon Wade fighting in a Kung-fu tournament
University of Central Lancashire Kung Fu Tournament, 1993. JW on the left.

Also studied a little Aikido plus various other kung-fu styles including Lau Gar, White Tiger, a little bit of Filipino stick fighting and some Krabi Krabong (almost lost a finger). Also had one long lesson of Kendo in a very hot class in Salvador, Brazil. Like a rolling stone he never settled in one place long enough to study a style in detail, although did study Chow Gar for around 5 years.

In addition to martial arts he also enjoys using free weights and kettlebells to stay in shape enjoys trying out alternative fitness systems such as CrossFit, BodyPump and TRX.