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Our Low GI Diet Plan - ebook!
Following a low GI diet is not a guaranteed way to lose weight – there is really no such thing as a guaranteed method. You still need to follow the rules, manage your eating and ideally do some regular exercise. However, it is one of the best ways to control your blood sugar levels and this helps with appetite management and stabilizes insulin which means less fat accumulation and more fat burning.

Kiqplan Slim & Trim Review

kigplan apps
If you want to give a virtual gift this Christmas, this is a great option for any fitness friends. The Kiqplan Slim and Trim app from Fitbug is cheap and effective.

Underwater Exercise Bikes – The Future of Home Fitness?

This week we learned that there is a new fitness product on the market – underwater exercise bikes. The new product is called a FitWet Jet Bike and it is essentially a stationary exercise bike housed inside a hot tub. As with using an underwater treadmill, an underwater exercise bike has several health and fitness benefits, but the FitWeb Jet Bike takes it one stage further – it uses jets of water to help massage your muscles while you exercise.

31 Day Fat Loss Cure Review

The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure is an excellent weight loss plan. It combines a low GI style diet with intensive fitness workouts (2 levels of workouts are provided, beginners and advanced). If you stick to the plan you will get fitter and lose weight. This is one of the most successful weight loss ebooks we have reviewed so far. Read our full review here.

Free Health and Weight Loss eBooks

If there is one great thing about the Internet it is the vast amount of high quality, free information available to help you in just bout any pursuit. Here at we of course specialise in health, fitness and weight…

Power Racks Make Weight Training Safer At Home

Investing in a home gym can be a great way to motivate yourself to get fit. Whereas commercial gyms have opening hours, communal changing rooms and annual subscriptions, your home gym is just for you 24 hours a day. However, safety precautions are important, especially with weight training. A power rack not only makes lifting by yourself much safer but also allows you to perform an excellent full body workout with pull ups and dips.

High-Powered Plyometrics – Human Kinetics

An increased interest in athletics, caused by the Bolt Factor (Usain Bolt!), has led to an increased interest in plyometric training. Plyometrics are dynamic and explosive exercises, which produce functional strength and power, rather than just brute strength. Plyometrics was…

Denise Austin’s Fitness Workouts

Denise Austin: Quick Burn Cardio
Denise Austin has a growing selection of fitness DVD’s on the market. She is an American fitness instructor, writes for mainstream media and is a member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. She started her career in…