Best Fitness Bikes for Summer 2021

man riding hybrid bike over grass with sun shining through the frameGet in shape and enjoy the fresh air this summer with a fitness bike exercise routine. The best hybrid bikes 2021 give you the freedom to explore your neighborhood and head to local bike trails. Find out how to compare bikes and where to turn for the best ride for your lifestyle and body type.

How To Compare Fitness Bikes

Fitness bikes need to keep you safe, comfortable and moving forward at a good rate. Here are some key features to compare as you consider the best bicycle style for your summer commute or workout routine:

  • Seat
  • Frame
  • Brakes
  • Top speed

The seat needs to be comfortable. You may be standing for much of your ride to get the most out of your fitness bike, but everyone needs a break occasionally. A large, padded seat allows you to take a well-deserved rest as you ride.

Choose a durable frame for a long-lasting investment. A step-through frame makes it easier on your joints to mount and dismount, while a lower frame allows you to stand on your feet while you wait for a traffic signal.

Long-lasting disc brakes give you the stopping power you need for a safe fitness routine. Be sure you can safely stop your ride before you start a hilly commute or hit top speeds on flat terrain.

The top speed of your bicycle will depend partially on your riding ability, but also on the number of speeds, the tire design and whether you have an electric bike. You don’t necessarily need a high top speed to get a great workout on your bicycle, but it does help you cover more ground for a long commute or weekend adventure.

Touring Hybrid Bicycles

Choose a men’s or women’s touring bike to enjoy a balance between fast-paced city commutes and life off the road. These bicycles offer some of the top speed capabilities of a touring bike, but have thicker tires and better traction on rough roads.

A large padded seat and upright handlebars give you a more comfortable riding experience. With this style of bike you can handle rough roads and leisurely rides with your friends.

Electric Bicycles

The pure power of a women’s electric bike 500w helps you tackle even the most difficult commutes. An electric bike is the ideal way to build up stamina and strength as you’re getting started with your workout routine. A long commute can be daunting for first-time riders or the first few workouts of the summer, so use the pedal-assist mode to leverage your energy and arrive to work on time.

Consider either a hybrid or beach cruiser style of electric bicycle. An electric hybrid can be useful on challenging unpaved bike paths, but a cruiser gives you a comfortable riding experience for a relaxing weekend ride with your friends and family.

Order Your Fitness Bike Today

Prepare for a low-impact, low-stress workout experience with a highly rated fitness bicycle. Shop online to choose a ride that matches your body type and empowers you to hit the road and crush your fitness goals this summer.

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