12 Week Body Transformation with Do The Unthinkable

Do The UnthinkableWhen it comes to getting yourself back into shape, it can often feel like an insurmountable task. You don’t see regular progress and it can often feel like you’re going nowhere when you look in the mirror. There is a solution to this feeling though. The Do The Unthinkable programme will help you to achieve all of the progress you would like and let you know just exactly how much progress you have made on the way. How will it do this though?

How to Hit a Goal That You Don’t Have?

When you first take on any kind of exercise and diet regime it’s difficult to quantify exactly what you want to achieve. Without these goals at the front of your mind, what are you going to aim for? That’s where the Do The Unthinkable programme comes in. It gives you a set of goals to aim for and then gives you the tools to do it.

If you didn’t have these goals you would be wandering around aimlessly, never really knowing if you are achieving anything at all. It’s at this point that it becomes easy to give up and stop moving forward with your exercise and diet programme.

Motivation Is the Key


This is where motivation comes into play. Without significant motivation it can be all too easy to give up and not continue what you have started. The Do The Unthinkable programme motivates you in two very distinct ways. Firstly, there are the set goals that have already been mentioned. With these goals in place you can see exactly where you are at and whether you have a chance of achieving what you set out to do.

Secondly, the weekly question and answer session that is hosted by the Muscle Food personal trainer will help you to stay motivated by offering you important advice and making sure you stay on track. This is a feature that would cost you an incredible amount in a gym, yet the Do The Unthinkable programme includes it as part of the meal costs. The level of value that you get from this is incredible.

Putting Thoughts into Action

That is one of the most important facets of the Do The Unthinkable programme. It encourages you to put the thoughts you have had about getting yourself into better shape into practice. That encouragement is what helps you to really reach the heights that you are capable of.

Measurement tracker

It’s not just motivation and encouragement that the Do The Unthinkable programme offers though, it offers plenty of tangible methods that help you to become a more healthy you.

How the Do The Unthinkable Food & Fitness System Can Help You?

The Do The Unthinkable programme helps you to change your lifestyle to become a healthier person. It gives you the tools to change your diet and supercharge your exercise plan. What kind of body changing options does it offer within its structure? Well the main thing it has on offer is the many different variations of food options that allow you to create a food plan that will allow you to achieve your goal no matter what it is.

Depending on what your desires are there are complete food plans to:

    • Lose Weight
    • Get Ripped
    • Build Lean Muscle
    • Slim & Toned body

All of the different types of plans that are on offer from the Do The Unthinkable programme will ensure that you manage to achieve your goals, no matter what they are.

What Exactly Will You Get with Do The Unthinkable?

Do The Unthinkable Food & Fitness system

The range of services that are available within the Do The Unthinkable programme are vast. You’ll be surprised at just how much you get from being part of the programme. The services that are included are as follows.

  • Meals catered to your requirements
  • The ability to change your meals week on week through a control centre
  • A complete workout plan that is accessible online
  • A set of DVDs containing all of the videos for the workout plan
  • A personal progress tracker to help you set and achieve goals
  • A weekly Q and A session with the Muscle Food personal trainer
  • The Do The Unthinkable lifestyle series for extra support
  • Bonus workouts and recovery sessions
  • A glossary of exercises to ensure you carry them out correctly
  • Guidelines to help you decide what you should and shouldn’t do

This is an incredible amount of content that would cost 3 or 4 times as much if you tried to do it without the Do The Unthinkable programme.

How Does it Work?

Each week you set your meal plans, depending on what plan you have chosen you will be choosing either 30, 36 or 42 meals for the week. Then you just have to stick to the meal plan that you have chosen. None of the meals are sparse in size, they provide you with exactly the nutrition you need and ensure that you aren’t going hungry. That’s the food section of the programme taken care of, it is as simple as doing light preparation and cooking when the food arrives and eating the food that you have chosen, that’s it.

DTU Account area

The exercise portion of the Do The Unthinkable program is where things become a little more intense. You will be expected to carry out the specific workouts that are included in your plan to get the complete benefit from the programme. Each week your workout is planned out for you, with the various exercises and the intensity they need to be carried out at explained to you.

Do The Unthinkable Workouts

As well as this you will get a weekly Q and A session with the Muscle Food personal trainer to help you stay on the right track. Here you can get motivational tips, exercise tips and even ways to help stave off hunger all included in with the price you paid for your package.

Cheat Days?

If you feel like you can’t handle 7 days of clean eating, don’t worry about it. You can cut down to 6 or 5 days of clean eating with the plan. This will give you 1 or 2 cheat days where you can have a little bit of a blow out. If you feel like you will need this reward as added motivation then the Do The Unthinkable programme allows for this and caters to your needs.

Transformations Achieved by Others

James Tilley was 17 stone before he tried the Do The Unthinkable programme. In just 12 weeks he managed to cut 6.5 stone from his weight. He didn’t just lose weight though, he also managed to put on muscle and increase his level of fitness. He got so fit that he was able to join the Royal Marines. Not only did it improve his professional life, but it also improved his personal life as his new found body confidence lead to him posting selfies online which grabbed the attention of a young lady who ended up becoming his girlfriend.


Chloe Longstaff weighed in at 18 stone when she began to feel ill. She had been having nosebleeds and migraines as well as generally feeling tired. She visited her doctor who told her that she was obese and this was causing her ill health. After taking on the Do The Unthinkable programme she lost 7 stone and doesn’t suffer from any of these health issues anymore. Not only has she lost weight, but her health has also dramatically improved.

How Much Will It Cost?

There are 3 different pricing points for the Do The Unthinkable programme. The first point comes for if you have 2 cheat days a week. This costs £60 for 5 days of meals. This covers 6 meals a day, so it actually provides 30 meals for the £60, which works out at an incredible £2 per meal.

The second points is for if you have 1 cheat day a week. This costs £69 for 6 days of meals. This too covers 6 meals a day so provides 36 meals for the £69. This works out at an even cheaper £1.91 per meal.

The final point is for the full 7 days of eating clean. This will cost £79 for the 7 days of meals. Covering all 7 days means you get 42 meals for the £79. This works out at a mind blowing £1.88 per meal.

When you consider that a single fast food meal would cost at least £5 you can see just how good the value is for the Do The Unthinkable program, especially when you consider everything else that is included as well as the meals.

Are There Any Rewards & Other Benefits?

Well, actually yes. When you complete the 12 week program you instantly get a £50 Muscle Food voucher, a graduate meal kit with recipes, extra workouts and a Do The Unthinkable graduate T-Shirt. All of this on top of what you have already got is an incredible reward.

Should you Try it?

If you feel like you could be healthier, or if you’re unhappy with your weight the Do The Unthinkable programme is a proven method that will get you to a stage where you can be happy and healthy again. All it requires is for you to follow the programme. You don’t have to set things out yourself, it makes the planning for getting healthy a simple task. All you need is the motivation to follow it through. If you’ve got the dedication to make yourself healthier then the Do The Unthinkable programme is the best way to do it.

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