Tyson Gay’s Training and Diet

Tyson follows a standard sprinter training schedule. Off season he concentrates on weight training to build muscle and functional strength. Free weights and plyometrics play a large role in this. Weight training will be split into two sessions, upper and lower body.

The Dukan Diet – The French Weight Loss Diet System

The Dukan Diet was developed around the same time as the Atkins Diet Revolution and follows a similar pattern – an intensive induction period of around 2 weeks called the Attack Phase, then the Cruise and Consolidation phases that are aimed at developing a healthy diet in the long term. Like any diet system the key is to follow the diet through each stage until the end, and then carry on eating healthily.

3 High Protein Meals A Day For Weight Loss

What is the best way to eat to lose weight? Grazing, that is snacking throughout the day, eating 6-8 micromeals everyday, having one big meal at breakfast and nothing else? Well, latest studies suggest that all of these options may…

The New Atkins Diet Almost Guarantees Weight Loss

Dr. Atkins must be the only man to have ever created a diet system that gains and then loses favor so frequently. Once again, Atkins is good. The high protein and low sugar approach to eating is reportedly helping people lose weight again and the press are in favor of it at the moment.

The Milk Diet – CLA reduces hunger

A recent study carried out at the University of Western Australia has discovered that drinking milk in the morning can help you to lose weight. The study found that people who drank milk for breakfast instead of fruit juice generally ate…

How Do Low Carbohydrate Approaches Work?

The answer requires a little biological knowledge. There is nothing really complicated about why a low carbohydrate diet works. To put it simply, the human body has two methods of turning food matter into energy (i.e. metabolism). One method involves…

Introduction to Low Carb / High Protein Diets

Low carb (carbohydrate) diets, are a relatively new nutritional approach to weight loss and dietary health. Dr. Atkins was the first to popularise low carbohydrate diets with the Atkins Diet Revolution. Scientific Backing For a Low Carb Approach Studies have…