Our section for men includes health and fitness articles specific to men as well a male celebrities and athletes who inspire us.

Weight Loss Advice for Men

Stomach fat seems to be a huge problem for lots of people, especially men. Naturally, men tend to hold more fat around their waistline (this is visceral fat, or internal fat), which we call love handles (also known as beer gut).

Joel Kinnaman’s Boxing and Weight Training Workotus

Joel Kinnaman is Robocop
Joel Kinnaman is RoboCop / Alex Murphy in the new 2014 remake by José Padilha. In the original 1987 film Robocop was played by Peter Weller. Joel Kinnaman is a Swedish-American actor, his first major role was in the Swedish film Easy Money. He also played Christer…

Jason Derulo’s Intensive Workouts

Jason Derulo
Jason Derulo is a singer-songwriter, dancer, choreographer and actor. He was born in Florida in 1989 and has been performing since 2006. He has a very impressive physique and is often seen in the press performing various acrobatic feats such…

Peter Attia’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Peter Attia before and after 200px
What Peter discovered will hopefully change the way we all think about food and health. If it leads to radical government intervention then there really may be a possibility of reversing the obesity crisis.