Weight training advice

Here we provide information on starting weight training, weight training for specific goals, how to plan weight training workouts and how to manage sore muscles. Weight training is a very diverse and complex topic and can be used forbodybuilding, events such as Olympic powerlifting, as a means to optimise fitness for sport or a way to help manage weight.

Strength and Conditioning at Degree Level

Strength and Conditioning at Degree Level
Mike Brooks previously shared his experiences here in training and competing for full contact kickboxing competitions. Mike has now decided to further his education and in October 2011 he started studying Strength and Conditioning Science at St. Mary’s University in…

Kettlebell Training for Fitness and Strength

Exercising with kettlebells can be very intensive. Kettlebell workouts provide dynamic fat burning workouts that will help to build strong and athletic muscle. Ideal for women as they target the hips, thighs and butt. Progress from basic swings to power cleans and the Turkish Get Up for a fantastic workout experience.

Want To Get Really Beefed Up?

Have you ever wondered what it means to want to get “beefed up”? Well, it is more obvious than you may think, and it also is very relevant to the bodybuilding world, although not so relevant to athletics and weight…

Weight Training Intensity or Volume for Bigger Muscles?

Bodybuilding has been a mainstream sport and fitness activity for several decades now, however there is still a debate over the best way to lift weights to build the biggest muscles. Some people believe that you should lift less for more muscle, and some say lift more. But what does this mean?

Beginners Weight Training Advice

With weight training it is sensible to start light and see what you are capable of. Keep a training diary, if your first session is easy, then increase the weight in the next session. Do not over train, especially at…

Yaxeni Oriquen and Bodybuilding For Women

Many people have the misconception that all female bodybuilders are muscle bound, steroid popping Amazons, who look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are certainly a small handful of women who will fit into this category and they compete in the elite…