Kiq the Guilt of Paying and Not Going

Kig planWe’ve all been there – it’s the beginning of the year, we’re full of good intentions, so what do we do? We agree to hand over a hefty sum of our hard-earned cash on a monthly basis to the gym. But over time, our motivation wanes, and with it, our attendance at the gym we are paying so much to be a member of. There might be a little voice at the back of our head telling us it would be cheaper to cancel the membership, but no one wants to admit defeat, so we just allow the guilt to increase.

But did you know, that for the price of a decent restaurant meal, you can bring the gym into your home – and save yourself a fortune in the process?

Kiq the guilt and let Kiplan workout apps drive you on the road to health and fitness.

Never Pay Another Gym Membership Fee Again!

Break the cycle, and pay a one-off charge for a 12 week fitness plan from Kiqplan. There are no subscription fees involved, and you’ll be able to bring the know-how and knowledge of experts into your home.

Kiqplan fitness programmes are apps that are compatible with Android and iOS devices. They link to activity trackers, and then use the data from them to tailor individual exercise and eating programmes with a specific goal in mind. In effect, they are a personal trainer and nutritionist rolled into one.

Kiqplan Couldn’t Be Easier

Rather than travelling to your local gym, filling in paperwork and committing to a long-term subscription, you can set up a Kiqplan fitness programme in a matter of minutes. Simply enter some personal information about yourself, and pair your app with your favourite activity tracker.

You will find seven very different digital coaching apps to choose from. Whether you want to lose weight, get fit or change your body shape, the help you need could be in the palm of your hands in just a few minutes.

Giving You Workouts You Can Do Almost Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages involved in using a Kiqplan app is the fact that almost anywhere can be your gym. Your office can be your gym; your living room can be your gym; the local park can be your gym!

Kiqplan assesses your goal, your current fitness statistics and your activity data on an ongoing basis. It then sends you workout videos based on all of this information. You can do many of the workouts the app sends you almost anywhere.

You will be set interim activity and calorie consumption targets along the way. So, instead of having to ask your local gym for help, all of the advice and information you need in order to achieve your goals can be accessed simply by looking at your phone.

Change Your Entire Life

This has always been the key message at MotleyHealth – change your life, don’t hope for quick fixes.

Kiqplan goes a little further than your average gym. As well as giving you advice and guidance on working out, it monitors your calorie consumption and delivers healthy recipes straight to your device. There are also weekly lifestyle articles available, which are always filled with tips on how to live better.

When you pay for a gym membership, you are not only paying for the use of equipment – you are paying for expertise. But why pay a small fortune for when you can get it on your mobile device for a fraction of the cost? Kiqplan apps are being continually developed by experts in the fields of exercise, lifestyle and nutrition. You can therefore relax in the knowledge that your health and fitness is in the best possible hands.

Kiq the guilt, and take charge of your own health and fitness destiny.

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