Hot Point Fitness – Book Review

Hot Point Fitness by Steve ZimHot Point Fitness is a fitness book by Steve Zim, personal trainer of professional athletes and top celebrities including Chris Evans. Steve is also a gym manager and has a large team of personal trainers under his command.

This means that he is exposed to a very diverse range of people on a regular basis, so understands what works for the majority of people. Steve Zim says that the goal of the book is to get your body into the best shape possible.

He explains that: “The point of Hot Point Nutrition is to speed the metabolism and make it burn calories at a white-hot pace. Hot Point Aerobics will super-heat your muscles, and burn fat from your body quickly, safely, and forever.”

The book describes itself as a “Revolutionary New Program For Fast And Total Body Transformation”. The system works by teaching you a series of 100 unique super-exercises which are combined to provide extremely effective workouts that burn fat and build athletic muscle.

The name “Hot Point Fitness” comes from the fact that when muscles are exercised intensively they glow red under MRI scans. This is simply due to the increase in blood flow and heat in the muscles, which while is nothing revolutionary in itself, it does at least show that the book is taking a more scientific approach to examining the effects of exercise and looking at ways to improve its effectiveness.

Multiple workouts a week

Hip Point Fitness provides a series of workout plans with options to exercise three, four and five times a week. Workouts are designed to provide maximum fitness increases and weight loss while ensuring that over-training does not occur.

Gym only book – important

The exercises in this book are designed for gym goers – remember, Steve Zim is a gym manager. You will not find many bodyweight exercises that you can do at home. Instead the focus is on using exercise machines.

While this is a negative point for some people, for others it provides a great incentive to keep going to the gym. When you have a clear plan of action you are more likely to do what is required, so a workout plan that requires you to be in the gym three times a weel will guarantee results within a few months.

Easy to follow exercise instruction

The book has easy to follow exercises which require no advanced knowledge to perform. One big advantage of a gym workout is that there is usually somebody around who you can ask for advice if you get a little stuck.

The first edition of the book was published in 2002 by Perseus Publishing and it is still available in major book shops. It may be an old book, now 12 years old, but it is still a relevant and excellent guide to exercising in a gym.

See it on Amazon: Hot Point Fitness: The Revolutionary New Program For Fast And Total Body Transformation.

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