5 Pieces of Workout Gear to Increase Weight Loss

woman in Adidas top working outYou know that losing weight is so much more than counting calories. Study after study has proven that you must also make radical changes to your lifestyle. Exercise is huge when it comes to healthy weight loss and that’s what you are after. It isn’t enough to shed pounds quickly, only to have them come back the moment you go back to your regular routine. Losing weight is more about changing the way you approach life day by day.

By now you have discovered the foods and beverages you should be focusing on for healthy and rapid weight loss, but what about that increase in exercise you are about to embark on? Experts will tell you that most often it’s not about longer and harder workouts but rather workouts that are more intelligent. You can get greater benefits with the right workout gear without adding to the amount of time you spend exercising. Check out the following five pieces of workout gear proven to increase weight loss without factoring in greater amounts of time.

woman running in sauna suit1. Sauna Suits

Let’s talk about the benefits of sweating when you are on a weight loss regimen. Did you know that sweating offers more benefits than mere loss of water weight? While that’s important, it isn’t the ultimate reason to increase the amount of sweat produced by the body. Recent scientific studies have proven that sweat helps eliminate impurities, so the more you sweat, the faster you will eliminate these impurities. These can often interfere with metabolic functions which, in turn, will hinder burning those calories necessary for adequate weight loss.

Also, it has been established that sweating provides higher metabolic rates even when at rest while reducing blood glucose during fasting – that would be while asleep! Fat oxidation is increased through copious amounts of sweating and that isn’t all there is to it! Instead of working out longer and harder, why not find the right sauna vest or suit that is proven to increase the production of sweat while working out? It is a fact that men’s sauna suits crank up the intensity of any workout and that’s what you’re looking for in terms of weight loss.

2. Recumbent Exercise Bikes

woman on Recumbent Exercise BikeResistance training is huge in any weight loss regimen, which is why you might want to consider investing in a recumbent exercise bike. These can be set with various amounts of resistance, so that you can begin slowly and increase the amount of resistance being met as you cycle in your own home gym or even in the living room while watching your favorite reality show. If you do it right, you will slowly work your way up in terms of resistance but remember to always wear your sauna suit while exercising. The combination of burning calories, increasing sweat, and firming muscles will go a very long weight to improving your results.

3. Elliptical Machines

There are elliptical machines you might want to research. Some guys find it difficult to increase the amount of resistance without doing injury to their joints. The knees are especially vulnerable. This is why many fitness trainers suggest investing in an elliptical machine, of which bikes make the most sense. They can be easily set up in any room in the house and you can get the range of motion you need without causing stress to those tender joints. Many trainers recommend increasing the amount of time spent on the machine because these are great cardio workouts. Increasing the amount of time spent on cardio exercise not only increases weight loss but makes for a healthier cardiovascular system. In other words, they are heart healthy pieces of workout gear.

4. Fitness Wearables

The first thing any trainer will recommend when you are about to embark on a heightened exercise regimen is to contact your GP. Always get a physical prior to starting any weight loss program or increasing the amount and duration of exercise you are considering. Once you have been cleared, why not invest in a fitness wearable such as a Fitbit. These are designed to measure your body’s vital signs, so you can stay within healthy ranges. They will trigger a warning if you go beyond what is safe in terms of heart rate or blood pressure, and that’s something important to be aware of when working out. Even some of the fittest athletes suffer heart attacks on the field. A wearable can warn you when to begin a cooldown so that you don’t go over limits healthy for your age and level of fitness.

5. Resistance Bands

Finally, what about resistance bands? These look somewhat like jump ropes but no, you won’t be hopping your way to the store. Resistance bands actually do just what you’d imagine. Like those elliptical machines or recumbent exercise bikes, resistance bands increase the amount of resistance your muscles are being met with when exercising. Actually, these are mostly used for warming up and cooling down. Typically, resistance bands are used during warm up, so that the muscles begin preparing for additional stress. Athletes of all kinds use them to efficiently prepare their body for strenuous exercise or activity and you will find that you hurt less when warming up properly. Nothing impedes progress like a body that rebels against increasing exercise because of pain!

Putting It All Together

Your key takeaway here is that in order to efficiently use exercise as a weight loss adjunct you need to work both harder and smarter at the same time. These pieces of workout gear enable you to have the best of both worlds. You will be increasing the benefits of any exercises you embark on but doing so in a way that is healthy for your body. You’ll learn to sweat more so that your body will be purified and strengthened as a result of increased metabolic activity. Remember, when they say, “Don’t sweat it,” they are not talking about working out!

If you want to get the most out of exercising for weight loss, sweating is a key component, so do sweat as much as possible for the best and longest lasting results.

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