Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Bun and Thigh Wave Machine

Jennifer Nicole Lee is an American “mom” who went from being overweight to a winning fitness model in the space of a few years. During the process she also educated herself in all aspects of nutrition and exercise so that she could teach others to be as successful as she has been. Now she is heading to the UK, or at least her fitness gadget, the Bun and Thigh Wave Machine, is.

Who is Jennifer Nicole Lee?

Jennifer Nicole Lee (sometimes abbreviated to JNL) was a typical American mother for a while. After starting a family her weight rocketed and she was soon weighing in at 200 pounds (over 14 stone,  90 kg).

She decided to take action and started to teach herself how to exercise and eat properly. However, she did not stop there.

She worked harder and harder on her fitness and started to discover a new passion. In time she started to compete in fitness model competitions and she eventually won, winning both Ms. Bikini America and Ms. Bikini Universe.

She also studied sports sciences at university to give herself the best knowledge possible in human biology, biomechanics, nutrition  and health.

To share her success with others she wrote the Fitness Model Program, which is a fitness and weight loss system available on ebook. From there she started to develop more fitness products. The latest innovation from JNL is the Bun and Thigh Wave Machine which is designed to give you a cardio workout and also tone your bum and thighs in the process. She says that the new machine will get you “the hot, sexy body of a surfer and you don’t even have to get wet“.

The key is that the machine is fun to use, or at least that is the idea.

See the Bun and Thigh Wave Machine in Action

A German infomercial with JNL demonstrating the Bun and Thigh Wave Machine – we can expect to see these soon on TV in the UK! Many US celebs are already promoting it, including Oprah.

JNL Diet Plan!

Of course, as we all know, exercise is only part of the solution. To lose weight you have to also eat healthy, which means “going on a diet” for most people.

The key to Jennifer’s excellent body is a healthy diet that avoids all processed foods, focuses on fresh fruits, vegetables, plenty of healthy protein from eggs, flax seeds and lean meats, as well as fish and salads.

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