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Rushfit Georges St-Pierre
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Georges St-Pierre has launched his own MMA Fitness Training Program just in time for Christmas 2012. The program provides a comprehensive fitness system based on MMA training that provides fast results. If you are looking to develop some powerful and lean muscle, burn fat and get fit, and if you enjoy MMA, then this is the workout for you.

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The training program is presented over a series of 6 DVD. There are 4 main workouts:

  1. Strength & Endurance Workout
  2. Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning
  3. The Fight Conditioning Workout
  4. Explosive Power Training

There are also 2 bonus DVDs:

  1. Full Body Strength and Conditioning
  2. Bonus Workouts – Balance, Agility, Stretching

And 2 information packed guides:

  1. Rushfit Nutrition Guide
  2. Rushfit Workout Guide

This fitness program is suitable for people of all levels of fitness – just increase intensity and pace of your workouts to get fitter. You only need some dumbbells to do this. This system is certainly on par with P90X and Insanity and will build muscle and strip fat. It is available from and other major stores.

  • ($79.99)Rushfit Georges St-Pierre 8 Week Ultimate Home Training Program
  • (£69.99): Georges St-Pierre RUSHFIT 8 Week Ultimate Home Training Program

About Georges St-Pierre

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Georges St-Pierre
Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre is an MMA legend. He is 2 time UFC Welterweight Champion, has the second most consecutive title defences in UFC history and the second most UFC wins in history. He has appeared on UFC Primetime more than anyone else.

In 2009 Black Belt Magazine, MMA Junkie and Sports Illustrated rated him Fighter of the Year. That same year he also won the World MMA Award, Fighter of the Year. He was the Rogers Sportsnet Canadian Athlete of the Year for 3 years running, from 2008 to 2010.

Georges St-Pierre was born on 17th May 1981 and at the time of releasing his workout plan he was 31 years old. He is 5 foot 10 tall (172 cm) and weighs 170 pounds (77 kg). He started fighting professionally in 2002. He uses a mixture of Kyokushin kaikan, Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to great effect.

He has fought 25 times and won 23, with 8 wins by knockout, 5 by submission and 10 went the distance and he won on points / by decision. His most recent fight was on November 17th, 2012, in which he beat Carlos Condit by unanimous decision after 5 rounds at UFC 154.

This system will get you into great shape in no time. Stick to the plan and you can train like an MMA fighter.

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  1. Rushfitworkout says:

    it is a right training program for all it is 8 weeks training program and is used for best alternative of to make body and it make you slim and in perfect shape it is a program designed for various types of people those who want to lose weight second those who want to build lean muscle and become stronger thirdly those who want to achieve a better physical condition forth those who want to know what it’s like to be trainned and lastlly those who simply love challenges it is specially designed for them only

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