Can I exercise with a broken leg?

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Got question, don’t know if this is right spot but here it goes.

I broke my leg 2 months ago, no weight bearing at all and I’ve noticed I’m gaining weight and losing my butt. Thank goodness got boobies to cover this, but don’t want stomach bigger then boobs.

Please help, not a fan of diets, but love eating fruits and veggies. But need a exercise that will help with no leg action.

Tks, Larina Greger.


Hi Larina,

You need to do two things. While you are unable to exercise you do need to reduce total calories. You can still eat a healthy diet which provides essential nutrition to make your body stronger without eating so much that you gain fat. Focus on eating the fruits and vegetables that you enjoy, add some chicken, fish and lean meat for protein, plus eggs. Go easy on all junk food and alcohol – all those extra calories are now being stored as fat.

For exercise, hard to say without fully understanding your condition. You could go to a gym and perform the following upper body resistance exercises on machines:

  • Lat pull down
  • Shoulder press
  • Chest press
  • Flyes
  • Back rows
  • Ab crunches

We cover most of these exercises here: Starting weight training

Some gyms also have hand cycle machines for cardio, you just sit and peddle with your hands.

If you are feeling brave you could exercise your good leg by performing single legged deadlifts and squats. TRX is a good way to support the body while perform one-legged exercises.

As you broken leg gets stronger you could start some low impact cardio using a cross trainer or an exercise bike on low resistance. Walking is also great exercise. Swimming may also be suitable, if you are already a strong swimmer and can do breast stroke – swim without kicking your legs, just use your arms. But only if you are a good swimmer.

Ideally let your doctor guide you here – your leg may still need full rest.

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