Testimonials and Words of Thanks

It is always nice to know that MotleyHealth is really helping people. Over the years many people have thanked us for our advice, here are just a few.

Thankyou for right n appropriate suggestions…
Thankyou so much…Really so nice of you …:)

Fantastic site. Loads of information but maybe just a little too much at times.

Thankyou MotleyHealth! The home exercise routines, yoga and circuit training links were very useful.

Thanks Verry much !!! MotleyHealth

Many thanks for your article. I have now disposed off all my diet pills.

I’ve learned my lessons!! No more snacks in between meals (I don’t need them anymore) and trying not to have junk food too often :) Thanks again for your precious advice.

Thanks for your expert response and keep up the good work!

Thanks for all of the good advice! I’m trying to live healthier and just need some tips to get myself motivated
Chris C

This is a helpful article, thanks for putting it together.

Thanks, nice collection of circuits and nice to see some that don’t need pull ups.

Thank you so much for your beneficial advice i will start doing what you said, and i hope it will work. once again thanks

Thanks…thts brill! The advice is so much appreciated!

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