The MCD Weight Loss Plan

MCD Weight Loss System

The Healthy Way To Get Fit and Lose Weight

Simple Diet, Hard Workouts!

The MCD Weight Loss Plan is a unique but simple way to lose weight. It combines the best Muscle building workouts with Cardio routines and Diet rules to help you lose weight quickly and safely and keep the weight off.

Download the ebook (pdf format) here

The book is also now available in ePub format for Apple devices:


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  1. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Jason, take a look at our BMI page – this gives a rough idea of ideal weight, although, there is rarely an “ideal” weight. According to your body mass index you are at the top of the “overweight” range, verging on “obese”. However, this does not take into account muscle mass, so you may be much healthier than those figures suggest. Your idea weight (assuming you are no very muscular) is around 169 pounds, which is indeed 29 pounds less than your current weight.

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