8 Secrets of Weight Loss Success

Fit woman with dumbbells wearing pink sports bra and black shortsRichard St. John is an business and lifestyle analyst and has determined the 8 secrets of success. These 8 Secrets of Success can be applied to anything: business, relationship and of course weight loss and health. So to succeed in your goals, whether it be to lose weight, get fitter, be healthier, lift heavier weights, get a six pack or run a marathon, it really helps to be able to tick all these boxes.

8 Secrets of Success

1. Passion

You have to be passionate about what you do and be passionate about your goals. There is a great motivational quote used in the fitness industry; “Don’t exercise because you hate your body, exercise because you love your body“.

A passion for health and fitness is a great motivational tool. The first step in starting any weight loss plan is to set out your reasons for losing weight. For many people it is simple due to the health benefits of weight loss, for others it is to look healthier and sexier.

2. Hard Work

All great successes require hard work, so do not expect an easy ride. The lose weight and get fit you have to work hard at it. You have to exercise on a regular basis, ideally every day. You have to keep pushing yourself harder to get fitter, and you have to be strict with your diet.

3. Expert

Becoming an expert in what you do means you are more likely to be successful. Practice makes perfect, and this applies to exercise and healthy eating too. At first you may find it hard to prepare healthy meals and manage your eating, but in time you will fall into a more natural rhythm.

The same applies to fitness. For those new to working out the actual exercises can be difficult to perform. Some of our readers have sought the most basic advice such as how to run. Many people do not know how to lift weights or even perform a proper bodyweight squat. As you improve your skill at exercise you can work harder and get fitter.

4. Focus

Focusing on one thing, one goal. If you want to lose weight, let this be your ultimate goal. Do not make the mistake of trying to attain too many goals at once. For weight loss and health success you may have to put some other things on hold for a while.

5. Push

Push yourself and let others push you. If you need a personal trainer, hire one. Or just ask your partner to tell you to do it! Overcome self doubt.

One of the reasons why people make faster progress in fitness classes is because the instructor provides encouragement. This extra little push, combined with the desire to look good in front of the rest of the class, results in most people working harder than they would if exercising by themselves. The same has been found when women exercise with friends.

6. Serve

Serve a purpose. Why do you want to change your body? To live a healthier, longer life to raise a family? To look great and meet your future spouse? This links in with the passion and focus. Ultimately your success will rely on how determined you are to achieve your goals and how important the cause is.

7. Ideas

Be curious. Learn all there is to know about losing weight and getting fit. Learn different exercise methods and learn about the various diet systems. Empower yourself with the knowledge to succeed.

Knowledge is power

This ties in with “Get Good At It” really. Only by exploring alternative methods and testing them will you learn what is best for you. Research has shown that there really is no best exercise for weight loss. What is most important is that you do something that you enjoy and are comfortable with.

So if a fitness plan says that you should run and perform 8 weight training exercises, but you find that you get better results if you swim and perform just 6 different exercises, then you should follow this new routine. Be prepared to develop your knowledge further and do what works for your body.

8. Persist

Don’t give up. This may seem like very obvious advice, but bearing in mind that most New Year weight loss plans are abandoned by the middle of February, just as people start to make some progress, it is easy to see why persistence is vital. Never give up!

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These 8 tips really can help you to focus on the task. It is important to remember that losing weight and getting fit really is not an easy ride. Seeing professional athletes can often make us think that they have some luck genetics or are just gifted in sports, however, the truth is that they work incredibly hard to achieve the physiques that they have.

Being healthy is a lifestyle choice. You have to incorporate these rules into you way of thinking, your attitude, the way you live. It is OK to be hard on yourself when you fail to meet the goals that you set yourself – this makes you push yourself harder next time.

The harder you work at something, the better you become. This advice echoes the opinion of Matthew Syed who firmly beleives that genetics is not really all that important in sporting success – it is all about dedication, hard work. practice, perseverance and self belief.

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