7 Day Exercise Plan Discussion

The 7 Day Exercise Plan for Fitness and Weight Loss has been so popular that we have had to move the discussion to this page. There are over 1200 comments below. These comments may provide you with answers to questions that you have. The main reason for keeping them is to ensure that any readers who have asked a question can come back and re-read the replies.

724 Comments on “7 Day Exercise Plan Discussion”

  1. Hi Rachel, what do you mean by LIVE food? Is that the same as raw food? If you have lost 22 pounds then you are doing the right thing. Increasing exercise will help. Take a look at our home workouts, hopefully you will find something you can do in the evening after the kids have gone to bed.

  2. Hi Mariya, you just need to start exercising again. Your diet is already healthy and so long as you are not filling up on rice you should be OK. The gym worked for you before, so that is the solution. Of course, you can exercise at home instead.

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