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Yoga workout at homeWhether it is a cold winter, a hot summer or you just do not like to exercise outdoors a good selection of home workouts is vital if you are not a member of a gym.

OK, you do not actually need any equipment to get super fit at home. Just the clothes to exercise in is enough and the willpower to do it. But having some home gym equipment can really help you to structure you workouts better and stay focused.

Really you can take just one of the following options or combine any number, either way you should be able to get fit at home on a small budget.

Home Circuit Training and Calisthenics

Circuit training is possibly the best way to exercise at home. It has several advantages over other forms of exercise. You do not need much equipment, in fact you can do a good workout with no equipment. You work your entire body. It is a form of intensive interval training, which has been show to be the best way to get fit and lose weight.

Home Yoga Workouts

Yoga is entire health and fitness system. To really do well in yoga you need some lessons first to teach you the proper form and posture. Once you learn the basics though you can then exercise by yourself at home for free. One of the best forms of yoga for fitness is Ashtanga yoga, and Ashtanga workouts involve performing the Sun Salutation multiple times. This is a fantastic full body workout.

Exercise Machines for Your Home Gym

Buy some cardio machines quickly increases the cost of working out at home, but they are extremely helpful. There are really 4 options for home gym machines:

  • Cross Trainers / Elliptical Trainers. This provide one of the best full body workouts and are low impact. You can easily control speed and resistance.
  • Rowing machines. These have lost favor in recent years but do provide a great workout. Pushing with the legs and pulling with the upper body, you work the whole body. Speed and resistance is easy to adjust to make a workout challenging and safe.
  • Exercise Bikes. These work only the lower body, specifically the legs. If you enjoy spinning classes then an exercise bike can provide a good workout. They are often more compact that cross trainers and magnetic rowing machines. If you want to get super fit then follow the Chris Hoy training principals.
  • Treadmills. Treadmills are really a luxury home fitness item. If you are fit enough to run then you should make the effort to get outside. One of the disadvantages of a treadmill over a cross trainer is that it controls the speed at which you run, so if you get tired or need to stop quickly, you need to instruct the machine to slow down. This does make them slightly less safe to use as with rowers, cross trainers and bikes you control the speed and can stop immediately.

Weight Training at Home

Weight training is something that requires equipment, however you can do a very good workout with just one set of adjustable dumbbells.

However, to get the most out of weight training you really need to invest in some solid equipment as this will not only allow you to work to a higher level, but will be safer. A good solid bench which has a back rest that can be inclined to the vertical position will come in extremely useful.

For safety a power cage / power rack is essential, as this will allow you to perform squats, bench press and shoulder press without the need for safety spotter (i.e. a training partner). See here how easy it is to make a dip station if you have a power rack already. You can work to complete muscular failure without fear of doing serious damage when you accidentally drop a 100kg bar directly above your face or chest.

Running / Jogging from Home

It is never really too cold to go running, you just need to wrap up warm. If you legs are strong and healthy then running is a fantastic way to get fit at home. The only cost is a good pair of running shoes and some suitable clothes for all the seasons.

Each year many people join a commercial gym to help them get fit and lose weight. If you are dedicated to getting fit and staying fit, and especially if other members of your household are too, then it may not only be more convenient to workout at home, but cheaper too. Here we list the best home exercise routines and methods.

49 Comments on “Home Workouts – Free ways to exercise

  1. Hello I need to loose 20 kgs of weight….. I dnt have gym facility ….. Suggest some tips to loose weight as early as possible

  2. And also suggest me a good diet please…

  3. Hey, I’m fourteen years old and im extremely overweight for my age.
    Will an hour running/jogging help lose my weight?

  4. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Jay, it will help, but you need to start eating healthy too. That means healthy food and healthy portions. Look at our diet and nutrition section for more on this.

  5. is it working? i want to lose weight asap

  6. Hey, i have a 7 month kid, i was 57 kg before birth and after having birth weigh 69 kg, i am breast feeder, i want to begin exercise, but i fear, does exercise lower the milk production for my baby.

  7. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Yibrehu, exercise will not lower milk production, but poor nutrition and dehydration will. So eat more – get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and take in more water, and you should be Ok.

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