The Valentine Workout

a valentine heartIt is just one week until Valentines Day, so why not use the next seven days to start getting in shape again?

In a one week period you need to focus on eating a very lean and healthy diet as well as doing a variety of intensive exercises. Our weekly fitness workout is a good approach. Get started now and carry on through until the summer.

With the weekly workout you do weight training on Monday and Thursday, cardio exercises on Tuesday and Friday, and core training on Saturdays. Wednesdays and Sundays are off days, but if you have the stamina then you can do some light to medium cardio, such as walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. Also a good time to go through yoga asanas.

The Better Sex Workout?

While love is in the air it may be a good time to perform a few exercises to help improve performance between the sheets.

For men, Men’s Fitness magazine recommends building up the chest, arms and back muscles, as well as the hips and legs. Bench presses, overhead presses and skull crushers work the chest and shoulders. For the core the ab wheel is a good option – perform ab roll outs on your knees. As well as muscle you need stamina, so do some hill sprints to boost cardiovascular fitness. Deadlifts and pull downs will target the lower and upper back and squats and hip thrusts work the legs and hips.

For women, Women’sDay recommends squats, pelvic tilts (pelvic raises), bicep curls and the happy baby yoga pose. In fact, most of the exercises in our strength training for women page will help too.

Just remember Bruce Lee’s advice: do not train so hard that on the following day your body is too weak to train again or fight. I think this can be applied to nocturnal activities too. ;)

Healthy eating

What to eat? Just stick to a healthy and well balanced diet, but make sure that you really are honest with those snacks and calories. Remember, everyone underestimates how much they eat.

If you are looking longer term, then now is a good time to start a well structured weight loss plan that you can continue with for several months with the aim if being fit by the summer.

And remember, exercise and healthy diet makes your heart stronger too, so look after your health.

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