Nina Osegueda’s Weight Loss Story

Nina Osegueda before and after picsNina Osegueda is a heavy metal singer with rockers, A Sound of Thunder. When she was 19 years old she weighed 180 pounds and at just 5 feet tall, her BMI was a shocking 35.2, well into obese territory and on her way to being morbidly obese. But she was a happy, larger-than-life, rocker. Happy at least until her boyfriend said the following life-changing words to her: “You know, you’d look better if you lost weight”.

Nina was mortified by her boyfriend’s comments, so much so that she decided to take some action. She dived straight into a new fitness and diet plan, which involved intensive exercise sessions and ditching refined carbs and eating lean proteins, low GI carbohydrate and healthy fats.

Nina by old_skool_metal_head
Nina by old_skool_metal_head (Flickr)

She explained how when overweight she used to think about, and worry about, her weight “every hour of every day”.

She used to play soccer and swim at school but was always overweight. But because of her active lifestyle, when at school, she did not consider herself to be unhealthy – just a little on the large size.

As with many other people, when she left school she became less active and filled her time with snacking and binge eating. She soon found herself spiralling out of control, with eating being the cause of her heartache and the solution to her sadness.

Fast food and junk

Nina used to eat fast food most days and buy junk food for snacks between meals. Her family meals always consisted of large portions of carb loaded meals. She explains how food was central to family life:

“We didn’t really know better. Going out to eat was a family thing, a celebratory thing. Doughnuts on Saturdays before games or swim meets were normal.”

60 pound weight loss

Her new lifestyle resulted in 60 pounds of weight loss, which is the equivalent of 1/3 of her previous body weight.

She lost weight by adopting the Atkins diet, a diet that has been overly criticised for its emphasis on fat and protein, but is certainly effective at aiding weight loss in some people, especially the obese. The Atkins diet is a low GI, low carb diet plan. It does not eliminate carbohydrates totally, but it does remove all refined carbs and carbohydrates that are high GI, which means lots of sugar.

Nina started cooking her own meals rather than buying fast food, and also cut out soda and fruit juice.

The real key is to get active and combine this with diet, and this is exactly what Nina did.

Belly dancing – every day

Nina’s approach to exercise was simple but effective: she exercises every day at home, following belly dancing videos that she bought from the local supermarket.

You do not need to follow any specific, complex or super-athletic fitness plan to lose weight and get fit. It really is all about consistency – daily workouts that get your heart rate up, burn fat and work your whole body.

Nina loves to dance and belly dancing is a fun and intensive workout. But she could have chosen to run, swim, cycle, do kickboxing or weight training. All, when combined with the correct diet, will lead to weight loss. In fact, this is what she does now …

Weight training and cardio

Belly dancing was just the start though. She now works out three to four times a week, each time starting with some weight training and then finishing with a 5 km run.

One year

It took Nina one year to lose 60 pounds. Just over one pound a week. This is a very good, steady approach to weight loss. Nothing ground breaking needed really, no two hour Cross Fit classes or 10 mile runs. Just being consistent, never giving up, always believing in yourself.

“The demons associated with my weight are the enemies I will never let conquer my brain, ever again.” Nina Osegueda.

Nina shared her story in a CNN iReport. They have a section on weight loss success stories that is well worth reading if you are looking for more inspiration.

She dumped her boyfriend after she lost weight. But you know what? He was right. She looks fantastic now; she looks healthier and more vibrant than before, and still a larger-than-life heavy metaller. Nina Osegueda, you rock!

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