British Celebs Stay Slim By Avoiding Alcohol

Two wine glasses at a party
Drinking leads to poor health and fat

The Independent reported this week how 3 popular British celebrities, Kelly Osbourne, Fearne Cotton and Jessie J all have a common diet secret – none of them drink alcohol. Although they all stopped drinking for different reasons, and none of them stopped drinking specifically to lose weight, not drinking has certainly helped all of them stay very slim.

Kelly Osbourne’s drinking got so out of control a few years ago that she ended up having three stays in rehab to wean herself off the booze. After the final trip she decided that it was best to simply stop drinking altogether.

Fearne Cotton never had a problem with alcohol but decided to give up drinking a couple of years ago for health reasons and says that she has never felt better. Not drinking has given her more energy and helped her to maintain a very fit and slim body.

Jessie J has never drunk or smoked because she suffers from heart problems which led to a minor stroke when she was just 18 years old. She has an irregular heart beat and avoiding alcohol is one simple way to reduce risk of further complications. She also maintains a very healthy diet.

Great Role Models for Teenagers

These 3 women are all great role models for teenage girls today. So many people drink excessively today and binge drinking is a growing problem. However, few people associate alcohol with weight gain, even though the term “beer belly” is a very common one.

Alcohol is full of calories but is consumed at the same rate as water. Every day that you drink alcohol you will most likely exceed your daily calorie requirements which means that you will gain fat.

For example, a bottle of wine contains over 600 Calories and 4 beers contain around 700 Calories and 4 cocktails can contain 1000 Calories. Women are advised to limit themselves to 14 units of alcohol a week which in terms of wine is around 1400 Calories. If you have double the recommended limit weekly calories from alcohol will rise to almost 3000 Calories. This is enough to lead to around 1 pound weight gain per week, which if maintained over the course of a year could lead to 50 pounds of excess fat.

Sounds shocking, but this really is one of the reasons why so many heavy drinkers gain so much weight. All this excess fat, combined with the toxic nature of alcohol, does a huge amount of damage to internal organs.

When we drink alcohol our bodies put sugar and fat burning on hold and uses the energy in alcohol first. Only when all the alcoholic energy is used up will we start burning fat and sugar for energy again.

So, whether you wish to live a healthy and fulfilling life or have the body of a celebrity, cut down or give up alcohol.

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