Weight Loss

Learn how to lose weight the healthy way with diet and exercise routines. Our advice will teach you how to plan your meals and how to workout at home or in the gym.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Survival Tips

Family having dinner on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful of the massive abundance of food we have!

Learn To Be Young Again

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There is only one reason why people become overweight: it is because people go from being healthy and fit to being an unhealthy one and sedentary. When we are at school our eating habits are restricted. Children can eat only during…

Weight loss advice for seniors

fitness advice for older people

Losing weight becomes harder as we age. Metabolism tends to slow down which means that it is far easier to gain weight. Also we become less active as we get older which just adds to the problems. However, this does…

Weight loss tips for teens and young adults

2 healthy teenagers in a park

We have had many teenagers ask what they can do to lose fat. Really the best thing to do is adjust your diet and get more active. Reduce sugar intake, which includes sugar in processed foods, junk food, cakes and…

Weight loss advice for men

Belly fat seems to be a huge problem for lots of people, especially men. Naturally, men tend to hold more fat around their waistline (this is visceral fat, or internal fat), which we call love handles (also known as beer…

Lose belly fat with healthy diet and exercise

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Want to lose weight? Read our guide and start losing belly fat today.

The Relationship Between Exercise and Diet

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Sometimes people really do like to complicate matters. There is already enough confusion regarding weight loss, which leads to many people making costly weight loss mistakes. In recent years two pieces of research were published which really helped to confuse…

The Health Benefits of Losing Weight

Obesity is killing more people every year. Losing weight has many health benefits, there really is no reason to ignore it. Start today, learn more here.

Action Plan to Lose Weight for Body Mass Index (BMI) Over 25

BMI = 25 !!!

If you have a BMI of over 25 you are probably overweight. Follow this plan.

Nina Osegueda’s weight loss story

Nina Osegueda before and after pics

The women who stopped worrying about her weight and started doing something.

Play Tetris and lose weight

NES Tetris Box Front

Scientists at Plymouth University have discovered a method for losing weight and quitting smoking – playing Tetris! Researchers found that people who play Tetris for three minutes a day are less likely to crave food or cigarettes when they are…

A review of flat stomach advice from the media

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We have decided that it is time to conduct a review of the current ideas and advice about losing weight. This is obviously far from an exhaustive review of the information online on weight loss and specifically belly fat, but we feel it…

The Valentine Workout

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It is just one week until Valentines Day, so why not use the next seven days to start getting in shape again? In a one week period you need to focus on eating a very lean and healthy diet as…

Is it possible to lose 3 pounds in 2 days?

Lunch: tomato soup

There are claims that it is possible to lose as much as three pounds in two days. This is 1.5 pounds a day. Knowing that you need a daily calorie deficit of 1000 Calories to lose two pounds in a…

The Corset Diet

The Corset diet red

The Corset Diet is a new commercial weight loss plan for women, which combines an effective corset with a diet plan to help you get your body back in shape. According to the official website the plan has been approved by…

50 Inspirational Health and Weight Loss Quotes

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These quotes are from philosophers, fighters, writers, leaders, politicians, athletes, actors and jokers. Truly inspirational. Do you have a favorite?