5 Ultimate Workouts To Easily Burn Your Fat

The first step if you want to lose fat and get fit is to recognize where you are at and what you want to achieve. Mark your starting point and set a certain target for yourself in a specific timeframe to be able to find what will work best for you. If you want to lose weight, burn fat, and gain muscle, there are workouts that you need to focus on to be able to achieve your goal.

Following blogs and websites that focus on workouts, gym, and an athletic lifestyle contribute in so many ways to your weight loss journey. The guys at Skinny2fit told us that since burning fat is not an easy task, you need to find the suitable workout combination that would work for your body type, make sure you’re perfecting each workout position properly to maximize your results and avoid injuries.

We have collected the 5 ultimate workouts that you can stick to, to be able to burn fat in no time.


single leg squats

No one can deny the importance of squats for burning fat while toning your calves, glutes, and the whole lower back area. There are so many different techniques for squats such as squat jumps, side to side squats with lunges, plie, pulse, single leg, etc. The basic technique for squats requires zero equipment, yet it’s very effective if you get into the right position. With your feet shoulder-width apart, point your toes out and continue to squat down while maintaining a 90-degree angle with your knees. Mixing between different forms of squats will target different areas in your lower body. If you add dumbbells to the equation, you will be astonished by the results.


Burpees are perfect at engaging different muscle groups at the same time, which lead to maximizing your fat burning rate. Burpees target your core, your whole body, and burns fat while toning the body. Many people dread burpees and steer away from doing them, but the fact that they burn and hurt so much only proves how much they are effective. First, you will need to get into the right form for squats, then kick your legs back into a plank form, then lastly jump as high as you can and squat down to repeat.

Mountain climbers

mountain climbers

As the name suggests, mountain climbers start with kneeling on all fours while your arms are positioned slightly wider than your shoulders, bend your right knee towards your chest while straightening your left leg, then switch your leg and arm positions as many times as you possibly can. This workout targets your abs, quads, glutes, but it mainly focuses on your hamstrings.

Jumping Jacks

This workout works best in raising your heart rate, which guarantees maximum calorie burning results. Bend your knees slightly while standing with your feet together, then jump as high as you can while raising your arms and separating your legs to land in a slight squat position to repeat. The classic workout will help in burning your fat while preparing your body for harder workouts.

Press-ups for the Upper Body

push ups

Don’t focus on your lower body and neglect your upper body or vice versa, Your workouts should target your whole body while focusing on your weak spots. This workout will guarantee you solid chest and abs. Position your hands in a straight form to be shoulder-width apart while facing down, bend your elbows then push back up to straighten them.

If you want to lose weight, you should definitely focus on cardio to burn your fat. Adding weights to your regular workouts will raise your fat-burning rate while toning your body and maintaining your gains. You will need to slowly build your endurance at first to be able to reach your goals. Adding strength training to your workout will lead to a solid core which will increase your rate in burning fat.

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