How to Lose Weight When You’re In Isolation At Home

If you find yourself stuck at home due to the increasing risk of pandemic COVID19 then you may be finding yourself taking regular trips to your refrigerator to try and cure how bored and anxious you are feeling. While self-isolation is the best thing you can do for yourself and those around you when trying to protect against COVID19, unhealthy behaviors can start to sneak in, meaning that losing weight can feel impossible.

We have put together this guide on how to lose weight and how to lead a balanced lifestyle while you are stuck at home, which will help your overall health and wellbeing.

Remove Temptation

If you have trigger foods around you while you are stuck at home every day, it can seem impossible to resist. Therefore, we recommend that you remove tempting foods from your eyesight to avoid regularly snacking and eating when you aren’t hungry. If you have a jar of cookies on your counter, you know how easy it is to sneak a snack each time you walk past it. While we recommend that you do still treat yourself, don’t leave goodies on display. Remember, out of sight, out of mind!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Self-isolation can quickly completely destroy your routine and the daily schedule you usually adhere to. This can include how much sleep you are getting each night. Sleep is an essential part of losing weight, and without it, your body can’t function in the way it needs to. Research has found that people who do not get enough good quality sleep each night are more likely to gain weight as they are less able to control hunger hormones.

To get a good night’s sleep you need to ensure that your bedroom has an optimal sleeping environment with the best mattress on the market that is the right size for your frame. There is information out there to help advise on the best size of mattress like this guide on mattress dimensions.

Do a Home Workout

Just because you can’t head down to your local gym, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still engage in physical activity. While in self-isolation you can take part in daily home workouts, and the best thing is that nobody else can see you! Whether you are a regular gym goer, or you are a novice when it comes to physical exercise, there are plenty of workouts available on sites like YouTube. Plus, you can take it at your own pace when working out from home.

Even if you find that you struggle with exercise at first, you will notice an improvement in your stamina the more you work out, and it will also help you to lose weight while you are stuck at home.

Maintain a Healthy Routine

Self-isolation is a bizarre concept for most of us, and many people all over the world are struggling to adjust to their newfound reality. This can make you feel anxious and worried, leading you to stray from your normal healthy routine. Therefore, we advise that you stick to a healthy eating schedule as much as possible and stick to three balanced meals a day.

It can be easy to eat at various times throughout the day when you are stuck at home, but this is going to make it harder to track what you are eating and will make you more likely to overeat.

During self-isolation, you can still work hard at losing weight. By making the right choices, you can come out of lockdown feeling proud and great about yourself- while also weighing a lot less!

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