Weight Loss Advice For Seniors

fitness advice for older peopleLosing weight becomes harder as we age. Metabolism tends to slow down which means that it is far easier to gain weight. Also we become less active as we get older which just adds to the problems.

However, this does not have to stop you from losing weight. Sir Anthony Hopkins lost 80 pounds after following a strict diet and walking program.

Remember that diet is more important than exercise to lose weight. You will never be able to burn of excess energy through exercise (only professional athletes are able to do this).

The key is to reduce the amount of calories consumed while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. One word of caution, although higher protein diets aid weight loss, research has shown that high protein diets can lead to a reduction in bone density in older women.

It is therefore important to do some weight training exercises as part of your weekly fitness routine to ensure that both muscle mass and bone density is maintained.

One mistake that many people make is thinking that being a little older means that it is no longer safe to exercise. The opposite is actually true; regular exercise improves strength, fitness and balance.

A few decades without any regular exercise can result in severe weakness in the legs, hips and back and this greatly increases the risk of falling, which can result in serious, sometimes fatal, injuries. So stay active!

How to get active

There are many ways to get active. Most towns have exercise classes that are designed for seniors. Other activities such as walking, swimming, cycling and martial arts are all good options too.

It does not really matter what you do though, so long as you do something on a regular basis. Group exercise and group activities, such as hiking and cycling, keep people interested in fitness and exercise for longer. Maintaining motivation is very important and one of the reasons why group exercise works so well.


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