Strength Training

Strength training is a vital part of fitness. Building muscle is vital for improving athletic performance. It also boosts metabolism which means you burn calories quicker. Weight training routines and bodyweight workouts are provided.

Starting Weight Training

Woman doing shoulder press exercise

Start weight training today to get stronger, feel healthier and look fantastic!

Bicep Curls

Man performing a Preacher Curl.

Biceps are possibly the easiest muscle to build and they are rarely concealed under a layer of subcutaneous fat either. Big biceps can be both functional and aesthetic. So, how is it done? What is the best way to beef…

Overtraining Problems when Weight Training

Less is more. Man doing seated bicep curls

Overtraining is generally regarded as one of the biggest and most common problems bodybuilders and athletes face. Overtraining can affect anyone that performs a lot of intensive exercise on a regular basis. However, do not confuse overtraining problems with being…

Kettlebell workouts for women

kettlebells for women

Belly blasting bells! Swinging a kettlebell will get you superfit and lean.

Prisoners talk about strength training

Kali squatting with man on soulders

Prison food an no weight training equipment does not stop these guys. What is your excuse?

Thigh toning exercises

thighs 200px

Do these exercises combined with a diet to help get slim and toned thighs.

10 best stomach exercises for 6 pack abs

six pack abs

Learn the best exercises to develop your abdominal muscles to get rock hard abs.

Body Pump – music, cardio and strength


High volume weight training is back! BodyPump is a gym class workout that uses relatively light weights to work the whole body. Endurance training and fat burning.

Dumbbell Exercises and Workout

Dumbbell workout

For many people lifting a pair of dumbbells forms their first weight lifting experience. Dumbbells are very simple and yet extremely effective. You can perform just about any weight lifting exercise with a dumbbell, or a pair of dumbbells and…

The best strength training exercises for women

Womens Workouts

Strength training is a vital part of any fitness or weight loss plan. A good weight training plan can help to tighten and tone the body, and you can even target those areas that are prone to suffer a little looser, wobbly fat.

The Squat – Build Strength, Endurance and Power

Tobey Air Squat

The squat is possibly the most important exercise for building strength, power and muscle. Whether you perform bodyweight squats to develop improved endurance, jumping squats for more power, or weighted barbell squats for strength, they all provide you with a…

Very simple two day weight training routine

Flat bench press

Start weight training today with our training plans.

Strength and Conditioning at Degree Level

Strength and Conditioning at Degree Level

Mike Brooks previously shared his experiences here in training and competing for full contact kickboxing competitions. Mike has now decided to further his education and in October 2011 he started studying Strength and Conditioning Science at St. Mary’s University in…

The Deadlift – The Essential Weight Lifting Exercise

The deadlift is another of the core weight training exercises. It targets the muscles that support the spine (erector spinae) and also works the glutes and quads. As a very heavy weight is often lifted it also helps to improve grip strength…

Weight Training for Martial Arts

Many people train in martial arts as an active hobby which aids weight loss and improves strength and general fitness. This is great for health, confidence and self esteem. However, if you wish to develop your martial arts further it…

How to Bench Press – Chest Exercises

The bench press is the most important chest exercise. If you want to build bigger and stronger pecs then you need to learn how to bench press properly. Here we provide instruction on barbell and dumbbell bench press techniques plus a video tutorial on correct form.