Juicing For Weight Loss with Honey, Lemon, Ginger and Grapefruit

juicing for weight loss recipePlease note – this is not based on solid science. But if it works for you and you like it, share with friends, tell us – maybe the information can be used to determine how effective such concoctions really are!

The Juice Diet for Weight Loss

This refreshing juice is an excellent fat burner and also helps to regulate blood sugar levels, so helps to control hunger. It’s an all round weight loss juice drink. When trying to lose weight it is good to start the day on a healthy note, and one of the best ways is with a fruit juice that provides the essential vitamins for good health, a cleansing treatment and one that helps to raise metabolism to aid fat burning throughout the day. This juice does all of this with ease, it may be one of the best juicing recipes for weight loss.

The ingredients contain digestive enzymes that help you to lose weight. It is best drunk first thing in the morning on an empty stomach – your main breakfast can be eaten soon after. This juice is also excellent to boost the immune system and help to ward off, or fight off, colds and flu. Honey and ginger are two of the best natural ingredients at helping to fight of common viruses. Ideally you should use fresh ingredients when making this juice drink, but if you can only obtain grapefruit juice then this will still work well. Having a bottle of runny honey makes the job of preparing the juice much easier also.

Honey: Honey is full of healthy enzymes and B vitamins, it has antimicrobial properties, promotes the re-hydration of the body, cleanses the blood and contains antioxidants.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit contains a fat burning enzyme and also lowers insulin levels and controls blood sugar levels. The pectin is also a great form of soluble fiber, so good for bowel problems and also to ensure that you are regular. Drinking grapefruit juice, or eating fresh grapefruit, is a good way to give the metabolism a kick start in the morning.

Lemon: Lemon helps to cleanse and detox. Also promotes a healthy liver and improves digestion, meaning less food is converted to fat. Lemon is now most famously used in the “Lemonade Diet” which is a cleansing detox made popular by Beyoncé Knowles.

Ginger: Ginger helps to improve digestion by increasing secretions of digestive juices in the stomach. It also aids blood circulation and metabolism, increases the immune system and strengthens the internal organs of the digestive tract.

Let’s look at how to juice for weight loss with our favorite fat burning juice recipe:

How to Make the Detox Juice

To follow this simple juice diet for weight loss, take 2 ripe grapefruits, 3 lemons a large pieces of ginger and a tablespoon of honey. Chop the ingredients and then add to a blender and juice. Add the honey and stir. Drink and cleanse!

If you want to burn fat, then drinking this fat loss juice before every meal will really help. This drink can be made several times a day and can be drunk as part of a well balanced diet. The grapefruit will boost your metabolism and help you to lose weight and stay slim – grapefruits make one of the juices that help you lose weight.

It is important to remember that this will only give you a good start to the day. It is vital that you eat a healthy and balanced diet throughout the day and that you also take exercise everyday. To obtain good long term health you need to balance diet and exercise and make it a permanent part of your life. Short term fad diets do not work long-term!

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17 Comments on “Juicing For Weight Loss with Honey, Lemon, Ginger and Grapefruit”

  1. Is the fat burner juice good for women who are not yet pregnant? I mean is there any side effect on their womb?

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    None that we are aware of.

  3. sangiaellis says:

    how long does these ingredients takes to work or see result in loosing the belly fats

  4. MotleyHealth says:

    Cannot really say to be honest. This should only be a part of a healthy diet and fitness lifestyle, it is certainly not a magic fix.

  5. This is my second time trying the fat burner juice. Must say the first time was successful for me, people noticed I was losing weight I simply started my day with the juice and drank a little before each meal. It did everything it was supposed to do. Unfortunately I stopped but this time I want to stick. Keep you up on my progress. :-)

  6. Jennygeorge says:

    Is it compulsory to do exercise when taking the juice?

  7. MotleyHealth says:

    Well, if you are trying to lose weight it is highly recommended that you do exercise.

  8. Are the peels included in the juicing? It doesn’t suggest straining, so I wasn’t sure.

  9. MotleyHealth says:

    No, leave the peel out.

  10. IFEKA UCHE Mary monic says:

    Can the two grape fruits,three lemons and a piece of ginger be enough for the whole day

  11. MotleyHealth says:


  12. Carolyn branch says:

    I made mine a little different; I took a large gallon pitcher( for room to stir), 2 large lemons, with peelings on. Sliced them, then put lemons in a bowl, then put them into microwave for 2 minutes, or until peelings are very soft and lots of juice has formed. Take a 1/2 gal. size bottle of 100% grapefruit juice, pour it all into gal, container, pour in lemons with juice. Put in 1/4 cup of honey, or a (little more if to sour.) Blend slightly, or (stir very well.) Pour equal amounts into freezable 8 oz. size cups or (I can’t believe it’s not butter cups) after (used and cleaned.) Store in freezer, Bring out a cup as needed, thaw out, sip on through out the day. Save some small size empty water bottles. They are perfect for packing in lunch bag or such. To take where ever you go.

  13. I have got grapefruit juice in box and grounded ginger in jar are they ok to use and how much also do you scoop flesh out of lemons or just squeeze juice …thank you

  14. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Carol, that should be OK – just check those use-by dates. Just squeeze, but add flesh if you wish.

  15. A question…do you chop the grapefruit and lemons with the skins on?

  16. MotleyHealth says:


  17. steve gill says:

    ive just added hot water to mine to make a tea….weirdly delicious!!

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