What Exercise To Tone Body and Face?

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What exercise or sport or workout routine helps tone ALL muscles in the body – including the face? I have read about exercises that target just the facial muscles -but I would like to ‘kill two birds with one stone” (metaphorically speaking ) and do a workout / exercise activity that targets multiple muscles.

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Hi Susan,

The best activities / sports for exercises the whole body are probably martial arts, gymnastics and dance. These involve a lot of endurance workouts, bodyweight exercises and stretches, and work the whole body. However, there are not really any activities to tone facial muscles – other than taking up impersonation as a hobby!

Many activities will work the while body to some extent. Swimming is another good full body exercise. If you have not looked at our page on weight training for women then this will give you plenty of exercises you can do to tone your body.

There are some activities which claim, to help, searching Google for phrases such as “facial yoga” although these exercises do not seem to have much relation to the yoga I am familiar with.

Here is a video:

Note – this is just for information, it is not something that is guaranteed to help.

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