Problem with big legs, thighs and tummy

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I am 19 I m thin but have bigger legs and thighs and tummy. I eat on the healthy side and do yoga tapes 3 x a week for 20 min. I never notice results plz give tips.

I eat same thing everyday .. Wheat bagel cream cheese for bfast, either a salad with blue cheese dressing or a lean cuisine for lunch, n go lean crunch cereal for dinner. Healthy??



Hi Aveana, you probably just need to do more exercise. 60 minutes per week is not a lot, and yoga although great for flexibility and strength does not provide a good cardio workout (unless you are doing a lot of Sun Salutations). It is generally recommended that we do around 150 minutes of exercise a week, e.g. 5 workouts of 30 minutes.

Also it looks like you need a little more protein in your diet. I would have egg instead of cream cheese at breakfast, drop the blue cheese dressing and add some fish, chicken, egg or tofu to the salads. Not sure about the lean cuisine really, depends what is in it! Cereal bars are sort of healthy, depends how much sugar is added to hold them together. What about fresh fruit and vegetables?

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  1. I try to keep my calories under 1300 to 1400 per day and I am 5’7. Does that seem about right? Also Is it okay to have one cheat day cuz I love food lol

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    Consuming that amount of food should aid weight loss, but that assumes you are correctly counting the calories. Studies show that most people underestimate how much they are eating. One cheat day is OK if you have had a fantastic week. However, do not make a “cheat day” turn into a total binge, as you will then destroy all your good work.

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