Vanessa Hudgens Swings Kettlebells and Eats Lean

Vanessa Hudgens - Source - LGEPR's photostream on Flickr
Vanessa Hudgens, 2010

2010: Vanessa Hudgens is a new sensation that has started out in High School Musical. She became even more famous for dating Zac Efron, who she auditioned with, and then starred alongside in the hit TV series. In High School Musical she played Gabriella Montez. She is appearing in 3 new films in 2011, Beastly, Sucker Punch and Journey 2.

Update to 2013. Vanessa has appeared in action movie Sucker Punch. To get ready for the role she trained at t Epoch Training in Los Angeles with Logan Hood. Logan Hood was an instructor at Gym Jones which trained the 300 crew.

Vanessa Hudgens is 5ft 3in tall (160cm) and very slim and athletic. She keeps herself in good shape by following a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis.

Vanessa Hudgens’ exercise workouts

Vanessa Hudgens 2013
“Gravity has no hold on me” – Vanessa Hudgens at the gym in 2013. Vanessa Hudgens . Instagram

Since we first published this article in 2010 Vanessa has grown in success and fitness. She now frequents the gym and performs a series of intensive resistance exercises, including some impressive gymnastics.

The key to getting as fit and toned as Vanessa is simply patience and hard work. This is a level of fitness which comes after years of exercising.

Her strength does not come from just bodyweight exercises. She lifts heavy weights too, as fitness trainer Josh Hillis has witnessed:

Vanessa Hudgens on Shape front cover
Vanessa Hudgens on Shape front cover

“Vanessa Hudgens has deadlifted 180 lbs as well as using kettlebells in her training and Jena Malone has done 235.” Josh Hillis, quoted on Crossfit Flagstaff.

Vanessa Hudgens Sucker Punch Workout:

According to Josh Hillis, if are not exercising with kettlebell workouts you are missing out. Large, powerful movements result a massive shortcut to getting lean, fit and strong.

Josh Hills also says that for great abs you need Better Food. Vanessa eats lean protein and vegetables to strip away the fat.

Josh’s big tip is “Don’t Be Afraid of the Barbell. You can be lean, strong, and look like a hot girl”.

Josh Hillis is a highly qualified, certified, fitness instructor and personal trainer. He is also author of The 21 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge.

Vanessa has been working out with 25 lb kettlebells, and been seen performing farmer’s walks and the Goblet Squat. Some of her intense weight training workouts were featured in Shape magazine.

Vanessa Hudgens’ diet

In 2010 there were reports that Vanessa does not really diet much as such. She enjoys chocolate, but obviously does not eat it to excess, although she does admit that she has a bit of an addiction for it.

In 2010 Venassa had been on the Zone Diet. The Zone Diet focuses on providing a balanced diet, with the food groups controlled so that you receive 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 30% fat in all meals. It is all about making sure your hormones are in balance, which supposedly has a positive effect on the metabolism and weight management of young people.

Vanessa has also followed the Fat Flush Diet which a diet that aims to constantly detoxify and cleanse the body by ensuring that the right balance of healthy food is eaten. One of the key elements of the fat flush diet is that you avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar. Instead you consume more omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids as these help to metabolise fat. Olive oil is a great source of healthy fat that aids weight loss.

Since 2010 she seems to have moved towards more lean protein and healthy vegetables. Very similar, but advice is from a new personal trainer.

The Fat Flush system – 2010

In 2010 Vanessa said that she was following the Fat Flush System. There has been no recent mention of this (that we could find) so we now assume that she no longer follows this specific system. However, she may well have been inspired by the workouts and continue to do some of the bodyweight exercises to reach her current fitness level. The following is what we originally published in 2010.

The Fat Flush system actually believes that exercise is not the key to maintaining a healthy weight. However, it does provide a wide range of exercises in The Fat Flush Fitness Plan, also written by Ann Louise Gittleman. The system includes yoga and strength training exercises.


This fitness system uses many workouts from yoga, specifically the Sun Salutation, that should be done every day for 5 minutes. It is an intensive series of yoga postures that are often performed in the Ashtanga branch of yoga.

Weight training

In addition to yoga fitness workouts are done with dumbbells and on stability balls, which further work the upper body and the core. A typical strength training routine would involve:

  • Squats with dumbbells
  • Alternating Lunges
  • Standing Calf Raises
  • Dumbbell Rows
  • Dumbbell Bench Press
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press
  • Bicep Curls
  • Hammer Curls
  • Triceps Kickbacks
  • Ab Crunches
  • Reverse Curl

Each exercise would be performed just once with 15 repeats.

One of the key elements of the fitness system followed by Vanessa Hudgens is that you must never get into a routine. Change the workout each week so that your body does not adapt.

Often as you become fitter you also become more efficient at performing those exercises, so burn less energy and make smaller gains – you hit a plateau, or wall. So mix it up.

Article first published on Nov 24, 2010. Updated Nov 27, 2013.

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  1. MotleyHealth says:

    Vanessa Hudgens was in the news again this week. She was spotted at a juice bar (good healthy diet!) last week, and what caught the attention of onlookers were her excellently toned but slender legs.

    So, how to get sexy legs like Vanessa Hudgens? Simply add some weight training exercises to your daily cardio workouts. Do calf raises, squats and lunges. This will tone and shape your legs from the feet up to your butt to give your legs a great shape. Ideally add some weight with a barbell or use resistance machines in a gym.

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