Top 5 Methods to Market Your Fitness Coach Business

fitness trainer with a clientThe coronavirus lockdown has seen many people focus on their fitness and health while furloughed, or worst, out of work permanently. This has led to an increase in people looking to start new businesses that they can do from home, or in the local area, to avoid public transport. For those that have been following the likes of Joe Wicks and getting themselves in the best shape of their lives, the idea of becoming a fitness instructor has never been more appealing. We have talked about the fitness qualifications you should get before, to get you started in a fitness career, so today we are talking about something else we have some experience with – marketing your fitness training website.

Whether you’ve just completed PT school or you have just started your gym, the only way for your business to survive is through marketing. It is normal to focus more on training clients than attracting them, but if you would like to increase your client base and help more people achieve their personal fitness goals, it pays to give more attention to your marketing efforts. If you want to take your business to the next level, below are five marketing strategies that work.

Offer a Free Session

Offering free mini-sessions is a great way to attract new clients. These sessions will allow potential clients to learn more about you and what you can offer them. If they’re impressed, then you will have several new clients. Avoid offering long exercise sessions, especially if your new clients are tire kickers. Instead, you may provide a short and free introductory session, a long-discounted session, or a trial group session.

Consider social media marketing

Social media isn’t just a good way to attract new customers, but a great way to keep your existing clients engaged and motivated. Your target audience will most likely not look away from your bench press videos or gym selfies that are flooding social media platforms. Here are a few ways to use social media to attract new customers:

  • Encourage members to share their monthly milestones and authentic experiences with their friends and followers.
  • Push members to share referral codes with their social media friends. This will not only increase new member signups, but also ensure that the existing participants get discounts for bringing new members.

Provide free quality advice

As you compete with other personal trainers, you need to build trust with your target customers. While having a business website is crucial, a well-designed website that doesn’t offer valuable information to your audience won’t build trust. This means that your clients won’t subscribe to your monthly newsletters. To build trust, you can provide your clients with a free video series or webinar on how they can achieve their weight loss goals or even how they can destroy their belly fat.

Use video

According to Neil Patel, video is one of the most engaging types of posts on Facebook. Therefore, consider uploading videos of workouts to social media platforms and YouTube. You may also want to create a YouTube library, which you can use to share training videos with potential and existing clients.

Make your advice available to the offline world

You obviously meet new people every day who can also benefit from your content. Therefore, why can’t you provide them with an easy way to sign up for your email list? To make the signup form on your website accessible to offline members, use a combination of your business cards along with a QR code. These offline members will only have to scan the code, and they’ll be redirected to the signup form.

Running a fitness business can be hectic, but having a good marketing plan can help boost your business. By using the above strategies, you will notice some major changes – not only in the income but also in your impact.  

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