Choosing a Career in the Health and Fitness Sector

Personal trainer and clientFinding a career can be challenging, with many people trying various different occupations before finding the one for them.  A career in the health and fitness sector can be an excellent option for people from all walks of life and different circumstances, and there are lots of options to choose from within this sector to suit different interests and skill sets.

If you’re considering changing your career or embarking on your first, then you may not know where to start. Here are some of the career paths open to you if you decide to work in the health and fitness instructor:

Fitness Instructor

A great way to keep fit and healthy whilst helping others to do the same, many people find working as a fitness instructor very rewarding. There is a flexibility involved that gives you more freedom to pick and choose your work hours, and it can be a great way to work your way up in the sector.

There are plenty of options for earning a qualification as a fitness instructor, and you can work around your existing circumstances in order to acquire it.

Personal Trainer

Personal trainers, fitness instructors and coaches are essential to the success of all athletes, and by harnessing your own physical abilities and learning how to train others, you could be responsible for the next batch of Olympians! You can help athletes and sports enthusiasts to improve their strength and conditioning based on the science of exercise and fitness, as well as helping ordinary people to improve their health through exercise.

Why Health and Fitness?

The health and fitness sector is ideal for people that want to help others and have a passion for health, whether it be exercise or nutrition. The sector has seen its fair share of famous and influential people, too. From advocates for healthy eating such as Michelle Obama and Jamie Oliver, there is also a slew of well-loved sports personalities along with the people that train. Mo Farrah, the runner, has been seen promoting Quorn on television as well as advocating for healthier eating, and many of the 2012 British Olympiads such as Jessica Ennis Hill are easily recognisable today.

Coaches are just as important, and Britain has seen more than its fair share of high profile coaches, particularly in sports like football and rugby.

We’ve all heard of sporting icons like Sir Alex Ferguson and Phil Jackson who took their teams to the top level for many years. Many of the coaches behind the 2012 Olympics are recognised personalities, including Glenn Mills, who trained the unforgettable Usain Bolt. The health and fitness sector is highly respected by the public, and so authorities from this sector tend to have wide range and influence.

Nursing and Health Care

Whilst fitness is important, health is too, and nurses are an extremely valuable part of this sector. Nursing can be a very rewarding career, though the training can be quite intensive, but if you have the passion for helping others and want to make a difference then it may be the career path for you. Succeeding in a nursing career requires a unique skill set and a level head; while it’s not for everyone, for some it’s a true calling in life.

Of course, the field of medicine and healthcare provides a wide range of opportunities; as well as trained medical staff, hospitals and doctor surgeries also require admin, and you can now study for a healthcare administration degree online, which will almost always guarantee a career in this field.

Alternatively, you can train to provide medical aid in a sporting environment, which is more specified. Other options include sports massage and physiotherapy, both of which are highly sought after by professional athletes and teams.

The careers available to you in the health and fitness sector are wide ranging and diverse, and it’s one of the best sectors to find a rewarding new path in life.


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