5 Benefits of Making the Move to a Retirement Community

For those that are already retired or starting to plan for their life after work, deciding whether to stay in their family home or move to a retirement community is a huge consideration. You may have more time following your retirement to dedicate to your gardens, landscaping, and home improvement projects, but some seniors are looking for something more simple.

Making the decision to move to a retirement community will take serious consideration, research, and consultation with the whole family. If you have any health or mobility issues, staying in your own home may not be the safest option any longer. Your adult children may encourage you to consider living in a community with more support.

Whether you want to continue to live independently or need the extra support that assisted living in a group home by Long House, there are some good reasons to make the move. Let’s look at some of the terrific benefits of moving into a retirement community.


Retirement communities often have a wide variety of onsite amenities available to residents. From beauty salons to health clubs, living in a retirement community can eliminate many of the daily trips that are necessary to complete your list of errands. Retirement communities also have 24-hour onsite medical staff that can be helpful in any emergency without having to make a trip to the hospital. 

Social Life

Although you may love your family home, your neighborhood is not likely to offer a lot of social interaction. With newer and younger families moving into your area, it’s not as easy to find people to socialize with. When you make the move to a retirement community, you will be surrounded by people of the same age with many of the same interests and shared histories. There are many organized and informal activities to participate in where you can make many new social connections.

Low Maintenance

Homeowners know that their “to-do” list is always getting longer no matter how hard you work. Even regular chores like shoveling snow or cutting the grass can be too much for seniors that struggle with mobility issues. At a retirement community, you can enjoy all the benefits of a normal home but, without having to do any of the maintenance. Home repairs and all landscaping chores are taken care of and maintained by a talented onsite crew. 


Much of the concern for family and friends when it comes to retired seniors, is that they may not be safe living on their own. A fall or an unexpected sickness can be serious for those that live alone. Retirement community homes are specially outfitted with all the most modern and innovative safety features that can help seniors feel more secure.


With a community filled with interesting peers, the best safety measures in place, and all the amenities that you could want, seniors can enjoy living independently in a retirement community. While you won’t be living in your family home, you won’t feel isolated while still maintaining your privacy and dignity.

Retirement community living is quickly gaining popularity for seniors that want to live a more simple and exciting lifestyle. Do your research to find a retirement community that is the right fit for you where you can enjoy every moment of your golden years. 

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