7 Reasons Why Seniors Should Stay Active and Work Out

elderly couple on exercise bikesExercise is important, everybody knows that, but why are you not exercising? What’s your excuse? Maybe you are sick, perhaps you are tired, or you feel like you are too old to work out. Well, these are the fears that keep many older adults from exercising out regularly, which explains why three out of four of those between 65-75 years have given up on any exercise plans. However, the National Institute of Ageing claims that even 10 minutes of exercise a day can improve the senior’s agility, balance, mental health and many more.

If that’s not enough of a motivation to start exercising, here are seven more reasons you should continue regular workouts at an older age:

1. Live longer

Several studies have shown that a small bout of physical exercise is enough to increase the lifespan of older people. WHO reports that leading a sedentary lifestyle is the leading cause of death, so, even a gentle regular workouts like swimming and walking can increase the lifespan by around five years.

2. Exercises reduce the risk of falling

Falling is the primary cause of injury among the elderly, so it is critical for seniors to find a way to retain the physical function. Exercise builds muscles, increases flexibility and balance, which ultimately reduces the risk of falls. According to WHO, regular workouts by seniors can mitigate the risks of experiencing a hip fracture by up to 40%.

3. Exercise reduces the risks of heart attack and stroke

A heart attack is also one of the leading causes of death in the United States. About every four deaths are attributed to heart disease and this is especially true to seniors. Any exercise that raises the heart rate can increase blood flow to the heart thus, reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke. Regular workouts on an exercise bike is an excellent start for seniors it provides close to the same health benefits as cycling on the road. Click here to find out the best exercise bikes that may suit your needs.

4. You will be improving bone health

Statistics show that at least 200 million individuals in the world have osteoporosis, a disease where a person’s bone becomes more fragile and more prone to break. When one gets old, the body cannot produce new bone tissues as quickly as required, which means that a large portion of 200 million are older people especially women. The National Osteoporosis Society reports that at least one in every two women and one in five men will break a done at their old age. However, a study by the Journal of Family and Community Medicine have found that by focusing on muscle strengthening exercise that requires doing more work, one can reduce the risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis.

5. Regular workouts can reduce illness and improve mobility

Routine exercise is an effective remedy for most chronic conditions that come with age. Studies have shown that people with heart diseases, diabetes, and arthritis can benefit a lot from regular activities. Workout activities help manage high cholesterol levels within a healthy range, and as noted can prevent heart diseases and stroke. A growing number of people are relying on mobility aids such as electric mobility scooters and zimmer frames due to chronic health conditions; regular exercise will keep your body strong and active well into old age.

If you do need to use a mobility aid to get around, do not let this stop you being more adventurous either. It is important get outside for fresh air as often as possible, and if you or your partner need a mobility scooter, then you can easily transport one in the car with the help of a car hoist.  This allows couples and friends to get out and exercise together  – people always enjoy getting out when there is good company.

6. Exercise reduces the risk of developing Dementia

Regular workout delivers oxygen to our organs and removes unnecessary wastes. One particular area that immensely benefits from this process is the brain. According to numerous studies, exercise allows one to maintain adequate blood flow to the brain, which removes harmful waste products. These wastes often hinder memory, processing as well as problem-solving abilities in older adults which leads to dementia. Being inactive in senior age can increase the risk of dementia, so it is important to exercise at old age to reduce the risks.

7. Boosts Moods and Confidence

The benefits of a regular workout are not just physical; when you exercise, your body tends to produce mood-boosting hormones. A study conducted in 2004 by the Primary care companion shows that at least 13 minutes of the workout, three times a week is enough to relieve depression and anxiety among older adults. Exercise is the best way to allow an older adult to maintain emotional health. Another study by the Journal of American Geriatrics Society shows that exercise can help senior have more confidence and independence.

Getting outdoors for exercise is also the best way to ensure your vitamin D levels remain healthy – many older people start to suffer a decline in Vit D levels due to spending more time indoors. Even if you are not at the peak of fitness, you should still get outside at least once a day, and spend a couple hours or more outside once week.

As an older adult, the regular workout is probably one of the most important things when considering your overall health. It can prevent numerous health problem that comes with age; it can help muscle grow stronger and maintain independence. CDC recommends older adults who are fit to have at least 20 minutes of moderate exercise, but it is essential to consult your doctor before trying any workout regimen.

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