Perfect Yoga Pose – Siddhasana

The perfect pose, also known as the accomplished pose, is an ideal pose for meditation. This posture is very demanding, but also very rewarding. If you can sit comfortable at the auspicious pose you can start to practice the perfect pose.

The most important aspect of the perfect pose is that the backs of the heels should be exactly in the midsagittal plane of the torso (in direct line with the navel and spine, dividing the body into two equal halves, left and right).

The heel of the left foot is placed at the perineum, exactly in the mid-line.

Place the right foot above the left foot, so that the back of the right heel is in line with the back of the left heel. The right foot is laid down directly against the left foot, in this way the right foot is placed above and in front of the pubic bone. The ankles do not cross beyond one another and the toes are tucked in between the calves and the thighs.

Straighten the spine and rest the hands on the knees, allowing the thumbs and the index finger to touch one another.

The body weight is supported by the thighs, inferior pubic bone and the left heel.

The perfect yoga posture is considered to be a comfortable sitting position for a longer meditation practice.

Alternate the foot positions between each yoga practice.

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