Merudandasana – Balancing Bear Yoga Posture

This is a sitting balance asana that helps to improve your balance and concentration, open up the hips and stretch the back of the legs.

Merudandasana - Balancing Bear Yoga Posture

Start in the butterfly position, with the legs bent, soles of the feet together, with knees pointing outwards bring the heels towards you.

Keep the back straight and hold the big toes with the first two fingers.

On your next inhalation, tilt backwards a little and lift both legs together up and wide without letting go of the big toes. Keep the back and legs as straight as possible, maintaining the natural curve of the spine, lifting the torso from the hips. Depending on your flexibility you may need to bend the knees slightly

Keep the shoulders down and relaxed. Open the chest and lift it upwards.

Continue to breathe normally and hold the posture for around 30 seconds.

To come out return to the bound angle position (butterfly posture) on your next exhalation, bend the legs and bring the feet down with the soles of the feet together.

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