Prenatal Yoga Hanging Forward Bend

o    Start by standing up right with feet pointing forward, positioned at shoulder width (as your tummy grows, you may find it more comfortable to open the legs wider, to accommodate the tummy better), knees straight (but not locked) and palms facing outward.
o    Breathe out, then breathe in and lift the arms up and grasp the elbows loosely above the head.
o    Breath out and slowly bend forward from the hips, lowering the chest down. Then, let go of the arms allowing them to hang down loose towards the floor and bend the knees slightly.
o    On the next in breath lift the torso back up again slowly, straighten the knees and hold the elbows over the head again. Repeat this cycle about 10 times (or as appropriate).

This is the 2nd posture in the prenatal yoga workout

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