Prenatal Yoga – Yoga Practice During Pregnancy

Moderate exercise during pregnancy is beneficial to most women, as it increases wellness and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Start slowly and increase your exercise regime to three times a week for half an hour each time. You should be able to talk with ease during the exercise.

In case you have any on-going health problems during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor before starting an exercise regime.

Start the Prenatal Yoga Session 1

To Conclude the Yoga Session
Once you have performed this set of yoga asanas, lie down on your back flat on the floor with a pillow under your head and under your lower back or lie sideways with the top leg bent and a pillow under the bent leg for comfort and relax for a few minutes.

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  1. Mama Wants says:

    Thanks for sharing photos of these yoga exercises. Practicing these moves during and after pregnancy would seem to aid in limiting weight gains that normally happen. Good read.

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