Weight Loss Tips For Teens And Young Adults

Teenagers in the parkWe have had many teenagers ask what they can do to lose fat. Really the best thing to do is adjust your diet and get more active.

Reduce sugar intake, which includes sugar in processed foods, junk food, cakes and cookies. Eat more lean proteins, less starchy foods and start exercising more.

Teenagers have a great advantage over adults as they are more energetic and have a faster metabolism.

Get active!

Children and young adults should all do some sport because sport is an excellent way to stay healthy and fit. People who play sport as children and teens tend to carry on being active throughout their lives. It is really the parent’s responsibility to get kids active in the first place.

If your school does not provide adequate exercise or sports then join an after school club. Martial arts, dance or scouts will all provide plenty of exercise and activities to help get you fit.

Teenagers do need to eat more

Weight loss is still relatively easy for teens so long as a healthy diet is followed and regular exercise is taken. However, teenagers do require more calories than adults to ensure healthy growth and development.

This is often why people gain weight in their 20s – both men and women need more calories from the age of 16 until around 20, but after this time calories needs quickly drop. The problem is that appetite does not change and people start gaining weight. This is usually combined with the fact that people are less active once they leave school and start working.

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2 Comments on “Weight Loss Tips For Teens And Young Adults”

  1. You are right! I started gaining weight when I turned 21. Lack of exercise and decent food contributed to gaining more and more weight.
    Last week I started exercising regularly and counting calories. One thing that bothered me is that people advise against fresh juices here
    I read your other article for the teenagers but it does not seem to apply to me. what do you think? Should I stop drinking juices at all?

  2. Hi Malina, drinking some juice is perfectly fine. Many people advise against juice, some people only drink juice. What is important is that you understand how much food you are consuming and why you are consuming it. Fresh juice is a great way to consume fruits and this is healthy.

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